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The UK General Elections currently uses the first past the post system as a means of voting in government. Over the years this form of electing government has come under scrutiny and many have questioned whether or not this electoral system is proportional and whether there should be an electoral reform for a more proportional voting system.
Under first past the post, the voter puts a cross on the ballot paper, under their preferred candidate; the candidate with the majority of votes wins government. Those in favour of the FPTP system argue that it provides a strong government in that, the government of the day maintains the majority of the House of Commons, making it easier to implement and legislate laws. By contrast, other voting systems may likely force parties to form a coalition; making government appear weak and unstable because both parties seek legislative support from one another and often have ideological differences.
Those in favour also claim that the FPTP system establishes a strong rapport between representatives and their constituencies, as MP’s elected look to serve the interests of the people. However, some question whether MP’s fulfil their duties and whether they represent the people or their political parties.
The FPTP system has been criticised for its lack of proportionality, many argue that this system brings about a single party government and two party systems (commonly Conservative and Labour party). The main problem with FPTP is that the number of votes cast simply does not reflect the number of seats won, as seen in the 1974 General Election where the Conservative party look like favourites to win, however Edward Heath of the Labour Party ended up winning with 301 seats, 17 less than the overall…...

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