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Power of the Tongue

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Challenge and Breakthrough When I was first given this book to read, I was excited to learn whatever I could from it. To find the messages God had for me to build my relationship with him. I didn’t even get through the first chapter when the challenge started. My mind began to wander and my attention was definitely not held. The simplicity of the book, I found completely monotonous and repetitive. I had heard this message many times before from my own pastor during service. I knew the power of my words…. Or so I thought. I tried for months to read, becoming more and more frustrated, never getting beyond the first chapter. I became angry and tense at the thought of having to read it. I even contemplated throwing the book away and just walking away from the school aspect of developing my relationship with God, to let my understanding and knowledge come from sermons and reading “better, more exciting” books and articles. I prayed about why I couldn’t do this little thing. After all, I made it through nursing school and furthering of my career by reading and comprehending books far more intent than this skinny 10 chapter book. Talking about my frustrations with another student about my reading comprehension, it came to my understanding that my OWN WORDS were blocking my reading, holding me in bondage. Realizing this, my prayers took on a new more positive direction. I began to speak Gods Word over the situation. John 16:23 “Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” So simple. I had let evil distract me. No more. I prayed the answer and believed that God would make this happen, instead of praying the problem over and over. I was able to read after this with no further problems. New Insights...

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