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Power and Discrimination

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Power and Discrimination Assignment
Stereotypical imagery and prejudice are biases, which function together in creating as well as maintaining social inequality. Prejudice can be described as personal feelings and attitudes that individuals have regarding other group members. On the other hand, stereotypes can be defined as beliefs regarding a group including a description of an individual, their abilities as well as their behaviour. Therefore, stereotypes cognitively represent how people are similar to other and their differences towards other groups. ‘Individuals can be aware of stereotypes and have cognitive representations of their beliefs without endorsing such stereotypes, without prejudice feelings as well as without having a belief that stereotypes can affect their behaviour and judgement’ (Charnley et al 2009: 195). Stereotyping as well as prejudice are considered as an adaptive processes product, which simplifies complex world towards enabling individuals to apply cognitive resources towards various tasks. Nevertheless, despite the function served by cognitively adaptive processes by use of mental shortcuts to make decisions regarding other people can result in serious negative outcomes (Smith 2008). The horrifying mistreatment of people in history including that of African American, homosexuals, people with disabilities, has been the main impulsion for prejudice as well as stereotypes study. Therefore, the original experiments and ideas are concerned with negative attitudes, conscious as well as discriminatory behaviors. Nevertheless, due to changes that have occurred on prejudice and stereotypes at the social level, the materialization of stereotypes, as well as prejudice, have also transformed. Towards these changes, and the fact that individuals who reject stereotyping and prejudice can unwittingly internalize stereotypic

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