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Primary Care Clinic

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The Primary Care Clinic
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The Primary Care Clinic


A primary care clinic is located twenty-five miles outside the minor city with a population of the fifty thousand individuals. The primary care clinic is operated by five family physicians, two physician assistants, two nurse practitioners and twenty clinical support staff entailing LPNs, RNs, and CMAs. The clinic offers primary care to various individuals from the community who lives and work outside the city limits. Initially, the locality was a rural area, but the community has grown and has various opportunities for education, employment and ample living spaces for youthful families.

This paper addresses the management of the small primary care clinic through the manager. The paper also addresses five major topics concerning clinic. First are the economic, social and political factors that might have influenced the development of the clinics over the past two or three decades. Second is the clinic’s comprehensive mission statement that shows the focus of the clinic. Third are directions that the clinic can take to enhance its business. The fourth is the discussion of the measures that can be taken to determine the effectiveness of the clinic’s performance. Finally is the determination of how opportunities for improvement can be addressed and processes that can be put in place.

Social, Political and Economic factors that have resulted in proliferation of the primary care clinic in the past two to three decades

The advancement and development of the urgent care facilities are no surprises to anybody. Catapulted by the long holds in the emergency rooms and diminishment of the availability of the primary care services have spurred industry growth since mid-1990s up-to-date. The lives and health of the Americans are...

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