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The results of my PRINT survey aptly evaluated me to be a 5-9, which is to say I seek to be knowledgeable and smart, and also to have peace and harmony. I will admit to being skeptical towards the evaluation initially, but after receiving my results, I must admit that it seems to be pretty accurate in most regards. The main unconscious motivator I have been assigned, “to be knowledgeable and smart”, is not surprising to me. In fact, it may have been my first guess had I been able to look at the categories before taking the survey. Attributes on the “Best Self” list such as ‘perceptive, innovative’, ‘independent, likes solitude’, and ‘good thinking skills, logical’ are perfect summaries of what I would consider my strongest traits. I typically like to take in all the information that I can about a given topic or subject before I make any decision, I often feel like my best work is done in solitude, and I’m always seeking to learn new skills. My professional work will benefit greatly if I use these traits as the basis of my self-growth over the course of my career. While the ‘Best Self’ list of traits came as no shock to me, I found the list of ‘Shadow’ traits to be a true revelation. Though I had known I possessed some of these negative behaviors, I had never considered the concept that they were directly associated with my ‘Best Self’ traits. Seeing them written down on paper allowed me to internalize them. I will now be able to identify these shadow behaviors when they come up. More importantly, since I now know where these behaviors stem from, I’ll stand a better chance at treating them. For example, “Independent, likes solitude” and “Withdrawn and distant, seek privacy” are two sides to the same coin. In many cases this personal attribute of mine can be viewed in a positive light. However, when overdone, it can turn my independent work ethic into one that alienates others and secludes myself from team members. In conclusion, the PRINT survey proved to be a valuable tool in determining the pros and cons behind my motivations. It provided an introspective look into what aspects of my personality I need to promote and what aspects I should try to suppress. This newfound knowledge will better enable me to identify characteristics of my personality that need improvement.

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