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Professional Knowledge and Abilities Samantha Fiegl Gen/200 January 23, 2011

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Enhancing one’s professional knowledge and abilities is paramount to a successful career. Membership in a professional organization can provide the tools necessary to facilitate a lucrative career path. The Oncology Nursing Society is an organization that promotes excellence in oncology nursing. They provide information and continuing educational opportunities to all levels of nurses in the clinical oncology field. Membership in the Oncology Nursing Society provides many professional resources to oncology nurses. “Getting involved in ONS is a great way to advance your career, make professional connections, and improve patient care” (Oncology Nursing Society). The website has a Clinical Practice Resources Area that provides information on how to talk to patients about their disease and help them to make decisions based on facts rather than myths. Special Interest Groups provide a forum to share ideas and information with nurses with similar practice issues in areas such as chemotherapy, breast health, and staff education. Monthly peer reviewed journals included with membership provide information that is current and can be used in their practice setting. The organization also provides opportunities to make a difference in health policy and cancer care by advocating for patients and the profession though ONS legislative action groups. Scholarships and grants are available to support higher education goals, or fund research activities. Throughout the year the Oncology Nursing Society hosts educational opportunities such as the Institutes of Learning and National ONS Congress. Both of these functions provide in-depth continuing education for oncology professionals. They are each three days in length with a multitude of subject areas to choose from depending on each nurse’s area of interest or practice. Attending each event provides new information and research results to help make the cancer journey easier for those affected while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration within the oncology nursing field. Learning from one another promotes oncology nursing and brings different ideas on how to approach difficult situations. Oncology nursing attend these events from all over the world. In addition to the educational opportunities, there is also a database of job postings from across the United States to assist in relocation efforts or just provide a different opportunity (Oncology Nursing Society). A Certified Oncology Nurse gives patients the peace of mind knowing that the nurse caring for them has the special knowledge needed to provide quality care. To an employer, it shows that the nurse is up to date on the ever evolving practice of oncology. By taking the initiative to become certified shows an employer that the nurse has the knowledge needed to provide excellent patient care. The Oncology Nursing Society provides the support and educational opportunities to grow and prosper in oncology nursing.


ONS Membership Services (n.d.). Retrieved January 22, 2011, from Oncology Nursing Society:

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