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Project Management Review

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function manager knowledge management: lesson learned sumber pembentukan knolwledge dalam suatu learning organization.

project origin
· how to develop project from initial vaue ideas into something more concrete
· Criteria for project adoption: a peak in business activities with defined beginning and end points requiring a multi-disciplinary team o carry out
· Recognizing, initializing and developing a project idea are very essential skills for PM
· Project idea is grounded in needs of your business, organization's strength, become solution to your business challenge
Creativity Factor
· It takes creativity to turn initial idea into something coherent
· Use appropriate tools to turn a bright idea into well defined outline of your project
· visual planning: mind map diagram represent ideas and tasks, use it in brainstorming itial proj ideas, identify a starting idea or goal, identify individual task
· non-visual plannin: in words ad sounds, structure your communi accordingly
· allowing all ideas during planning: meeting, 3 type of people dreamer, critic, realist
· use appropriate tools to stimulate creatvity

Strategic Outline Case (SOC)
· Document key points of your project
· Documentations are needed to et approvals to proceed
· Designed to give stakeholders and idea of what is in stor
· Project brief, scope document or SOC
· SOC also servs as : infomation: inform your colleagues of what is comingup; approval; give expenditure information of the project; reassurance
· SOC Consists of: outline of the scope or scale of the project, the benefits it will bring to business, benrfits to custmer and end user, any other options considered for delivering these benefits, budget and other physical resources required, main risks the projec will face,
Selling the benefits
· The project must provide: discover stakeholder motivations: priority, key...

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