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dishtv is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and global presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment. Zee Network incorporated dishtv to modernize TV viewing. dishtv is India’s first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service. By digitalizing Indian entertainment, this enterprise brought best television viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them.

dishtv imparts DVD quality picture and stereophonic sound effects to the customers. It promises to change the experience of TV viewing with its uninterrupted transmission service. The endeavour enters next level of entertainment with futuristic features, such as EPG (Electronic Programme Guide),

Going the DTH way has a lot of benefits. You are automatically upgraded to a host of world class features that makes television viewing a pleasurable experience. Have a look at some of the key add on benefits that dishtv brings to your home.

Digital Picture Quality

The exceptional digital and Direct to Home transmission ensures you watch all your favourite programmes in true DVD quality.

Stereophonic Sound

The Direct to Home satellite transmission treats you with a true theatre experience by providing awesome Stereophonic sound.

Geographic Mobility

No matter which part of the country you are in or moving to, dishtv with its all India coverage ensures direct signals wherever you are.

Uninterrupted Viewing

With dishtv at your home, as long as your equipment is connected to a power source you can enjoy uninterrupted transmission of your favourite programmes.

Capacity up to 400 DTH Channels

dishtv can offer you up to 400 entertaining channels. And that's not all, every month more channels will be added to provide complete entertainment to your family.

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