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BUS 519 – Project Risk Leadership

Analyze and describe the founding leader(s), leadership style, and major business principles of a profit-oriented entrepreneurial approach in which the primary goal is to provide a product or service to consumers and to make a profit.
The following leaders , Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Google), Thomas Edison (Light Bub), Vicor Kiam (Remington Electric Shavers), Peter Drucker (Management Thinking), Blake Mycoskie (TOMS) and Anita Roddick (The Body Shop). The leaders all had a similar leadership style; they looked for innovative ideas and customer needs and invested their own money along with securing funds from investors. They had a vision, to be the best, make an impact and use constructive feedback to learn from it and improve on the bottom-line. They did not use the media to promote their product rather used their product to be innovative and allowed it to promote itself to get market share. Successful Entrepreneurs study and learn from how to make a profit by aligning their business strategy from entrepreneurs that have gone through and documented their lessons learned. The primary goal of the leadership style was to provide a niche and service to consumers and make a profit.

Analyze and describe the founding leader(s), leadership style, and major business principles of a social-responsibility oriented entrepreneurial approach in which the primary is goal to make a positive impact on society (people, families, ecology, or similar) while providing a product or service to consumers and to make a profit.

Google’s major business principle of social-responsibility is to give back to the community of young and energetic thinkers by focusing on the future innovators; The Company’s goal of focusing and connecting with students, its future staff and…...

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