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Propaganda as defined by Jowett and O’Donnell “is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist” (Prop, 7). In this definition, similar to others, the words “shape”, “manipulate”, and “direct” tend to spur an uneasy feeling for many. Propaganda, which “is associated with bad things or evil forces,” (Pers 33) has such a negative connotation that people who disagree with a message will publicly label it as propaganda to make the audience feel threatened by the communicator and by the message delivered by the enemy. Historically, propaganda has been known to be the cause of war and deaths. But, can propaganda ever be a good thing? It has served as an end to genocide and as a reinforcement to stay healthy. Therefore, propaganda can be ethical or unethical depending on the situation and the purpose. The role of propaganda during wartime periods has been present since we can remember and has such a powerful impact that brings out the same result of a violent war in a nonviolent manner (Prop, 231). When propaganda outcomes are viewed as similar to war it most definitely makes it an unethical form of persuasion. A specific example of that is Nazi propaganda during World War II. When Hitler took power his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, described Hitler’s propaganda as possible to prove that a square is a circle with enough repetition and a well psychological understanding of the people (Pers 261). Here clearly the people are being deceived because Hitler does not care if what he is trying to persuade is correct as long as the people believe it. Nazi war propaganda included films, speeches, symbols, posters that portrayed anti-Semitic images, square-jawed Aryan Nazi troopers, etc. (Pers 268). It dehumanized the enemy and

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...Propaganda by Edward Bernays Book Review “We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society” stated Bernays (p.37). Whether I believe this statement of organized propaganda to be true or not, I do accept that our society today is influenced on a daily basis through all facets of media and leadership through manipulation (both ethical and unethical). The main point Edward Bernays effectively brings to our attention is that fact that propaganda is an evolving code of ethics and practice and invisible leaders control the public mind and how it is influenced by the leaders “who seek to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity” (p. 44-45). Edward Bernays provides the reader with many subject topics, in particular business and political leadership, to support his arguments. He makes clear points and provides countless examples how businesses understand the valuable uses of propaganda to promote ideas and products while politicians have a hard time recognizing what the public wants and the valuable use of “dramatic” propaganda in order to connect to the audience. The politician, according to Bernays, should determine his objectives, clearly promote his objectives to the public, follow a strict budget...

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Warfare Propaganda explain how propaganda and psychological warfare influences and manipulates people to make them support a country. I am going to show how the media works as the medium through which the governments spread their propaganda. The government manipulates masses using pamphlets, speeches, morality and priorities. This manipulation is done through the media. Media and subjects like censure are going to be discussed in this report. I will show how the Persian Gulf War can be set on as an example of the media spreading government propaganda and psychological warfare. This report also includes an analysis on propaganda and it’s denotative and connotative meanings. This report is also going to show us it’s effect and importance in our community and society. Whats Propaganda All of us, know about the horrors and the devastation that are a result of wars. Despite these horrors, we act indifferent towards war and it’s effect on the world community. Countries’ governments manage to manipulate us and make us think that their war actions against another nation, race or culture are well justified. Nations make the members of the society believe, that they are doing the right thing, and that this military action against a declared enemy is the most desirable thing to do in order to keep “the world’s stability and peace”. For this reason people say we are “meant” to help and serve our country, in it’s war against their enemy which changes into being our enemy too. Propaganda and psychological...

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...Is Propaganda Evil? Most people associate the word ”propaganda” with Nazi Germany in which it was used to unify a nation by turning Adolf Hitler into a demigod, by identifying and demonizing those countries which stood in the way of Germany fulfilling its destiny, and by scapegoating Jews. The result of all that propaganda was the destruction of Europe and the death of some 50 million people, so it is not surprising that propaganda has negative connotations. Propaganda is also used to keep North Korea’s dictatorial Kim family in power by stirring up hatred of the imperialist USA which – according to the Kims – is determined to destroy them. Propaganda was also used to prevent the Soviet Union from fragmenting, also by positioning the USA as a threat. Propaganda leads to deception and that makes it different with Public Relations(PR). This evil technique was used by Nazi party and it is used in advertisements nowadays. I will argue all these points in this text. There are people who believe that there is beneficial propaganda, that supports noble causes such as mobilizing the nation in the face of nation, promoting equal rights for women or racial minorities and for the sake of improved public health, to give just a few examples. One propaganda campaign that might be considered ethical is the one opposing the practice of female genital mutilation in North Africa, a brutal practice that entails surgery performed by mothers or grandmothers on little girls without...

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...There are always lines that should never be crossed. It is like when a helicopter flies around the Himalayas, however, becoming lost by taking a wrong route, but decides to travel further. This will only make the situation worse, as it lowers the possibility of returning to the original route. The pilot has crossed the line, which means he can no longer turn back to find his home. In similar ways, propaganda plays an important role in twisting an individual’s view, making one feel the need to follow and believe whatever it states. This causes one to lose their ability to distinguish truth from false ideas; stumbling from their own pool of confusion, they are forever changed, and cannot return to their old past. Often times, propaganda evokes...

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...Orwell describes politics is “a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia” (p.366). While I do not fully agree with his statement, I do acknowledge that politics is full of propaganda which contains lies, evasions, and hatred. Propaganda attempts to gain power by manipulating the masses’ beliefs or actions by means of symbols. The Conservative party’s ad The Interview is a piece of propaganda using techniques of propaganda and rhetorical elements to demean the Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau, and uses identification to appeal to the audience of the ad. The Interview presents Trudeau as one who is not capable of upholding the job of prime minister, and the ad blatantly illustrates to the audience that voting for Trudeau...

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...Propaganda Galore Propaganda techniques are used in many of today’s advertisements in order to persuade buyers to purchase their goods and services. Almost any commercial that you would watch today has some form propoganda buried deep behind the light humor and smiling faces. Companies like AT&T and Verizon have both released a swarm of commercials that has every type of propaganda. I have discovered two commercials for both of these companies that have great examples of how big business persuade buyers to purchase their products and services. My first commercial is by Verizon it is about how everything is not made to last and breaks very quickly and the fact that manufactures lie about the quality, functionality, or reliability of their products. The commercial starts with a random assortment of products breaking in everyday live. During this time the narrator is using negative words describing her frustration with the cheaply made things in life. After the random assortment of products break the narrator introduces Verizon as the most reliable network, thus giving the viewer a reason to switch to Verizon. One of the more evident propaganda technique used in this essay is plain folks. The producers of this...

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...World War II Propaganda Poster The poster I made was a propaganda poster that would be used in hopes of recruiting more soldiers. In this case I have used my poster to go mainly against the Nazi’s, but I added a little bit against the Japanese as well. Within the poster itself you are able to see a nasty green hand with a swastika on top of it. I also included four hands breaking apart the swastika, and lastly I have portrayed the Japanese and their evils within a sort of scythe. This is what is mainly seen, apart from the slogan itself and the evil eyes in the background. As you can see, I used Demonization in this poster. This can be seen in the way Hitler’s hand was drawn. It is a nasty green color, with long yellow nails in which way giving it the looks of, perhaps, being a zombie or simply un-human. When it comes to the Japanese, I have represented them within the scythe. This was supposed to be a scythe just like the one of the grim reaper, but I decided in the end to make it look more like a skeleton hand as opposed to just having a long rod as is typically seen. The last factors used were the evil-looking eyes. I added Hitler’s mustache and comb-over so that he could be identified. In this way effectively showing how evil he is. The next tool I was able to use was name-calling. By saying, “Help get rid of those filthy Huns!” I am, in a sense, degrading the German army. I also used “Eliminate the yellows from the rainbow.” By doing so, I am not only making fun of...

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...reading; Pratkanis, A; Aronson, E, (1992) "Our Age of Propaganda" from Pratkanis, A; Aronson, E, Age of propaganda : the everyday use and abuse of persuasion pp.1-14, New York: W H Freeman Personally sourced reading; Doob, LW; Robinson, ES. (1935). Psychology and Propaganda. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 179, p.88-95 The following readings have been selected due to their similarities of discussion and engagement. The two reading interact in an explicit way and therefore touch on similar debates while providing varied opinions. Psychologists Pratkanis and Aronson present a thorough overview of how individuals and the mass media manipulate us using devious persuasive techniques. While Doob and Robinson attempt to understand propaganda through understanding communications and the behavioural sciences. In order to understand how and why we are persuaded, Pratkanis and Aronson analyse the various tactics marketers use in advertising to get us to conform. This set reading points out ways in which we might deal sensibly and effectively with propaganda, by examining persuasion in a context of argument and debate. Pratkanis and Aronson quarrel about persuasive communication techniques and suggest that rather than using logical argument, propaganda uses emotional symbols in order to manipulate us. In the personally sourced reading by Doob and Robinson, the approach suggested states that propaganda is not ‘automatically’ successful. Doob and Robinson...

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