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Proposal of Term Paper for Hr Planning

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March 14, 2013

Muhammad Abdul Baset
Department of Management Studies
Jahangirnagor University
Course Instructor,
EMBA-520: Human Resource Planning

Subject: Proposal for preparing term paper.

Dear Sir,

With due respect, be informed that, as a part of our course objectives, we listed below our proposals for term paper

Proposed Topics:

1. Reasons of HRP Failure in Local Industry (BD).
2. Problems of HR Managers and HR department in Local Industry (BD).
3. Facts those make HR Managers frustrated in Local Industry (BD).


To find out the reasons behind the failure of HRM practice as well as problem analysis of HR managers and HR department and how HR managers become frustrated in local industries of Bangladesh.

Our aim is to prepare a clear, concise, complete term paper which will be very easy to read and very friendly to understand so that every level of employees will feel the importance of HRM.


HRM practice is now at the stage of new born baby in the local companies (Except Bank, large group of companies in Bangladesh) but in multinational company they enjoying the youth of HRM. So, this is the right time to grow up HRM practice in local industries.


All of our group members are employed in different organization in BD. This is our main strength of our team.

As we are employed and we have a network among different professionals, we will get the opportunity to collect data and case from different local area.

As we are employed we will not get enough time to make this term paper well decorated but we believe that we can make our term paper informative and realistic.


As we are employed we want to work hiding our organization name because in our work there is a possibility of hampering company reputation.


We will use mainly…...

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