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PSY 202
Week 2 Assignment

My two life events are the birth of my son and being in the military, the reason I have chosen these two events are because they have both significantly had a positive impact on my life the following paragraphs will show why I believe that these events have positively impacted my life.
The first event is my son, when he was born my life was completely changed for once it was up to me to take care of another human being besides myself, I had to feed him, change his diaper, give baths and take him to the doctor for checkups. This was life changing for me because I had never had to do any of those things before. There was no more going out to parties and hanging out with friends all hours of the night, my life was totally devoted to him. It was a life changing experience that I had to change and adapt to in a short amount of time, thus impacting my life in a positive manner. Urie Bronfenbrenner proposed a theory of ecological systems, which focuses on broad, interconnected influences on human development. It proposes that we can best explain development in terms of the interaction between individuals and the environments in which they live(Bronfenbrenner, 2004)
The second event would be my career in the military. I had to completely change my way of thinking because being on a military routine is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for everyone. I had to go off on my own and have a stranger telling me what to do, where to go, how to properly address a person or other military personnel and for someone who is used to being independent their whole life it was a huge life changing event for me and it changed me for the better I believe.
The influence of Bronfenbrenner’s rings is a true theory in what I am stating because when I was born I was raised by my parents, loved and took care of by them until I was able to do things on my own

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