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Psyche is pictured with butterfly wings as he is a former mortal and goddess of soul,mind, and spirit. Psyche is "breath" or "soul" she was the youngest of three sisters. Psyche was so beautiful that she was worshiped and not one as thought of as being a partner. Her father went to a oracle of Dephi to get help and advice so the oracle tells him that psyche must be taken to the mountain top and left so she can meet her fate they all thought she was dead but she was just taken away by the winds to a magical place a valley she was well taken care of and every evening the bridegroom would come through the window and leave before the sun come up that way she could not see who he was. Psyche's sisters thought she was dead so she went to her bridegroom to ask if she could see her sisters psyche finally got him on her side to let her see her sisters as long as she does not tell her secret that she is pregnant and the bridegroom said if you do not tell this secret then the child will be born a god but if you do tell it will be a mortal. …show more content…
and thinking they were all right. they told her you must take a lantern and a knife after the bridegroom is asleep take the lantern and knife and if it is a monster cut off it's head. when she holds up the lantern she sees that it is Eros as a promise to his mother Aphrodite to punish Psyche for her beauty. Eros was supposed to find the ugliest men but instead Eros falls in love with Psyche

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