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Purpose Of Standardized Testing Essay

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What’s the purpose in standardized testing? Well the purpose is to create objectives students to accomplish and to test their knowledge. It is mainly to detect if students have prepared themselves and prove that they have learned what they are taught in school. Teachers are pressured students to learn more so that the skill a student learned can be shown in standardized testing. It also determines the credits a student can earn and the courses they can take. This can show if a student is eligible to graduate when the time comes. Creating objectives for students is an exceptional way to improve education. Standardized testing is helpful in many ways to students, school, and countries. To begin with if students didn't have a way to demonstrate what they've learned none of them would try. Having a standard that needs to be met makes students increase their way of learning. They put more effort into things since they must pass a class and a test. It’s a different way to learn enhance because if standards are only on the most critical subject students won’t waste their time on a topic that is not important. It’s also keeps students from slacking because the less work teachers give the less effort students are going to put into their work. Alternating units every day keeps a child from learning. For example, if he or she …show more content…
That's favorable because if a student preforms poorly on the standardized test it lets us know that they didn't learn what they were required to learn during the determines how much credit a student receive not only in one course but overall the courses they take. It helps students earn credit to attend to a college they are able to qualify by proving what they've learned. Not only that, the effect is that it gives a student credit it determines if they are able to graduate by showing what they learned every

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