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Ryann Charles
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21 February 2011 Qualities

The qualities a person possesses can tell you a lot about what you need to know about them. Qualities are essential to have because it reflects your personality. If you don’t have a personality, let’s face it, who are you? Most people tend to form their opinion of you based on your personality. The most important qualities I think a person should have are integrity and respect. Integrity is such an important quality that one can possess. I say this because integrity can be interpreted in so many ways. It is often used as a synonym to honesty. One could even say that it is like having a moral compass. I agree with them both. Integrity, in my eyes, is being an all around, good, honest human being. I also feel as though when a person has integrity, they have a tendency to look at the positive things in life. They seem to be the ones who do good things even when no one is looking. Integrity possesses the characteristics of someone who sees the “glass half full rather than the glass half empty.” Another important quality a person should acquire is respect. Respect for others shows that you care about them and their feelings. In exchange, when you treat another with respect, they tend to do the same. Respect for others also shows that you have respect for yourself. One example of doing both is taking a shower and being presentable in the face of society. This shows that I care about myself and care about how I present myself to others. I also believe if you do have respect for yourself and others, you will have a better chance of prevailing in life. Everyone should look for positive qualities in a person, no matter what they are. We must remember that not everyone is perfect and should not strive to be. Even though the most important qualities that I appreciate are integrity and respect, I

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