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Quantitative Methods and Analysis


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Conducting, comparing and contrasting surveys are a very important part of research. This assignment will review three various types of surveys and evaluate the information that was derived from them. This paper will also include a simple survey to provide a demonstration of the understanding of a sample size determination and the use of a sample size calculator.

Survey Sample Size
This assignment will compare and contrast three different surveys that relate to three separate venues and determine which one would be the most accurate.
Part 1
Entertainment Survey:
This article was written about the travel and tourisms importance in some major cities as a source of economical gain. The cities that were polled included 1,110, but only 463 of the cities participated. This survey showed that 54% of the city leaders realized the direct affect that tourism and travel had on their own city’s economies (Poole, 2000).
This type of survey can show a media group or a supporting company that more investments should be put into a city to make that particular city travel friendly and provide more entertainment for tourists. By reading this type of survey a company can determine the best areas in which to initiate projects that could attract more tourists as this can increase the company’s revenues.
Political Survey:
A great example of a political survey is the one that was conducted by The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index. This forum monitors the news that is reported by major newspaper, television, radio, and online outlets (PewResearchCenter, 2011). This survey is done on a weekly basis and is aimed at measuring the public’s interest in news events. During the week of November 14-20th, the news coverage included two major stories; one being the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to hear the legal challenges to the health care reform law, and the second was the sex scandal involving Penn State. The sampling survey was comprised of 1,003 adults. 18% of the participants said they followed the U.S. Supreme Court coverage. 27% followed the story about Penn State.
By reviewing this type of data a company such as a marketing firm can benefit at deciding which channel as well as when to advertise a particular product. Many researchers for marketing also use these types of data collections to learn the appropriate time in which to reach their target market. Also, this particular research forum can help a political candidate know how they are ranking upon other candidates (PewResearchCenter, 2011).
General Survey:
The Gallup Daily conducted a U.S. Life Evaluation survey. This survey asked participants to evaluate and rate their lives on a scale from 0 to 10, (0 being the worst and 10 being the best). This survey was based on a three day time period and conducted using the telephone method. Approximately 1,500 adults participated nationwide and has a marginal error of +3%.
This survey could be used to evaluate how a person views different situations. By providing more information, an individual can learn if two people who live or work in the same area share the same views on their surroundings (Gallup, 2008). Also a company can use the information gathered in this survey and compare it to previous surveys pertaining the same questions and decide if economics or events in the world, such as war, played a direct affect on how people view their lives.
The three surveys that were investigated each included a large demographic area but had few responses. So the information obtained within these surveys cannot be deemed as scientifically accurate. The one survey that does include information that you can use to further research results is the Life Evaluation done by Gallup. This particular survey included a margin of error that would allow for a research to add votes for a more definitive follow up survey.
Part 2
My Survey:
For the next part of this assignment, a multiple-choice type was chosen (Zoomerang, 2011). The survey conducted was about movies and the ones preferred as well as the viewing method preferred. Twenty people were asked the following questions and their responses was recorded and analyzed within a graph chart.
Which place is preferred for viewing movies? Theater At home
Which types of movies do you prefer? Comedy Family Other
When viewing movies, do you prefer the whole family and a more intimate setting? Family Intimate setting

The results for my survey that I chose to conduct could be useful to a media group as to how to advertise movies. Also a company could use this type of survey to deicide if a movie theater should be reconstructed to achieve a more intimate setting and maybe which movies to play.

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