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Reality Show Violence Getting Too Real

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We all have our guilty pleasures, and for many that may be sitting down in the comfort of your own home and turning on the television to your favourite Reality TV show. There are many shows that feature the everyday lives of the average person such as Duck Dynasty, Cake Boss and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, just to name a few. However, we all know the better shows include lots of drama and unfortunately some violence. Those with violence may include some of the shows featured in the video article “Reality Show Violence Getting Too Real?” published by ABC News (Canning and Stuart). You will see four major reality TV shows featured in this article, which include Teen Mom, KUWTK spin off Kourtney and Khloe take New York, The Real Housewives’ of Jersey and the infamous Jersey Shore. If you were looking at this video in a functionalist perspective, you would see that the producers of these shows …show more content…
Scott is best known for dating Kourtney Kardashian who is the eldest sister in the Kardashian family. Disick has struggled with alcohol abuse for many years and has also been known to get violent while drinking. Although Disick’s behavior can be entertaining, his appearance in the show is in no way up to the producer’s, but is up to the Kardashian family themselves. Kourtney has been known to give Scott far too many chances as they have three beautiful children together, although he has been seen in the show to not think about his kids first. It seems as though Disick has chosen alcohol over his children many times. A functionalist would look at this and wonder how functional or dysfunctional Disick’s behavior would be on his family and also question why Kourtney has kept him in her life for so long. It is possible that the producers sat Kourtney down and put in her head that he would bring in views with his wild

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