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Daily Kos: WH Advisor David Plouffe and Goldman Sachs CEO ...
Nov 28, 2012 – We gave him a huge mandate to not cave this time. ...... I am glad we know the WH story...but that doesn't mean it is the ...... She easily qualified, but the waiting list was 5 years long. ...... Clinton sure isn't suffering from bank deregulations, NAFTA, welfare "reform", the Telecom Act and a host of other things.
Group Proceeds With 2-Hour Islamic 'Jumah' Prayers 'at the DNC ...
Aug 27, 2012 – The host committee for the Democratic National Convention is ... Additionally, all events listed on the site have to go through an approval process. ..... The DNC is not sponsoring this and is happening prior to the .... Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 3 and 1/2 years the reason is obvious.
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World Long Cave List - NSS Geo2 Committee On Long And Deep ...
310+ items – WORLDS LONGEST CAVES Compiled by: Bob Gulden _ ...
1 Mammoth Cave System N.P. U.S.A.
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...Everyone makes mistakes, whether big or small. That’s why no one’s perfect. We all learn from something – by observing, listening, asking. Sometimes, we learn from others’s mistakes. But other times, we find ourselves confronted with the consequences brought about by our own mistakes. Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, mistakes are mistakes. And as we are human beings, we have no power to press rewind and do things over. It’s done, it’s there, we have to deal with it – that’s life. I would like to thank you because : For the new experiences and adventures we gained from traveling For the stories we shared simply because we needed someone to talk to, For the mistakes we made that got us into trouble but made us closer, For the disagreements that helped us accept each other for who we really are, For the laughter and smiles we shared, For the times we helped each other out, For the nights we watched movies or series together, For the pictures we took together… The past will always be a part of our lives we can’t control. It’s done. Whatever happened, happened. Whoever came and stayed, stayed; and the others, well maybe they just weren’t meant to make it to the present. But who knows about the future, right? I’ve realized not too long ago that I’ve been trapping myself in the past, comparing whatever happens to what already happened. And by doing so, I’ve unconsciously been restricting myself of enjoying what I have now. The habit to compare the...

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...DOES ETHICS REALLY MATTER? Ethics define by New Oxford American Dictionary as “a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.” All of us have our own reasons in every actions and responses that we do in different situations and circumstances.  Some are inevitable and some are just part of life.  Indeed, ethics does matter.  It just depends on the choices that we have and options that we take.  Also, it can be based on the beliefs that were inculcated in us by our family and the culture that we live.   After reading and re-reading and re-reading the article, I am truly inspired and challenged at the same time to live my life now with different perspective and views.  The article covers all the possible angle and situation with real life drama and examples not only in personal life but also community, corporate and politics. I never read such a juicy and remarkable article like this.  And this is the only article about ethics that I read without skipping some of the words and does not make my eyes sleepy or make me yawn many times.   I acquired a lot of knowledge and realization after reading the whole context many times.  It made me open my eyes and understand the rational behind decisions of individuals in some of real life situations in their everyday lives. A must read article and I am very excited to share this to all of my friends and make them realize what they are missing for enrolling in......

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...Are You Really Listening? : The term close personal relationship refers to lovers, marriage partners, best friends, and people that we work close together with. These are people who we spend much of our time with, do things together, and often share living and working quarters with. When in a close personal relationship we usually share personal information and feelings. I believe that the article is right when it said “People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers” (HealthDay News, 2011). I would have believed this statement because I assume that my close friends and family know more about me so I would have guessed that I would have better communication with close friends and family. Communication can be viewed as how people exchange feelings and meanings as they try to understand one another and come to see problems and differences from the other person’s point of view, or as the textbook states communication is” the process by which ideas or information are shared among people” (Sole, 2011). Of course there are times when I have miscommunication with my boyfriend because I assumed that he knew me well enough to just understand what I meant. We have been together for twenty-three years so I just assumed he knew me well enough to know what I mean when I am speaking to him. I told him that I needed help around the house, meaning that I needed for him and the kids to help out more with the up keep of the house. Well for my...

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...My Thesis : I will focus on how their psychological disorders and backgrounds affect their mental stability as they approach as a group of friends to over throw IT, The use of theme on how each character develops because of it and how each character inspires each even that is occur and the build up towards the final dramatic ending. Character development generally focuses on how each character helps develop each event that occurs and the build up towards the final dramatic ending. In this story, the protagonist, Bill Denbrough has been affected by the antagonist, IT, who has affected his life by killing his beloved brother, George Denbrough. Upon this event, IT has continued to kill more children because it is stated in the book that he uses children to fuel his body. In the beginning of the story, a mysterious being has caused George’s death. This leads bill’s curiosity to take lead and to start wondering and discovering what has killed his brother. “He supposed he might be able to ask some of those things, but he felt he would stutter quite badly if he tried to be charming… and did he really want to know the answers to any of those questions? After Georgie died it had become a cold house, and whatever he had come back to Derry for was not here”. (Stephen King, 150). During this part of the story, Bill has come to the conclusion of trying to investigate and solve what had killed his brother and why it has done such a thing. This is a critical point in the story...

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...+You Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive Calendar More Sign in About 108,000,000 results (0.42 seconds) Including results for wh host and sponsors a CAVE listing Search only for wh host and sponsors a CVE listing Search Results Daily Kos: WH Advisor David Plouffe and Goldman Sachs CEO ... Nov 28, 2012 – We gave him a huge mandate to not cave this time. ...... I am glad we know the WH story...but that doesn't mean it is the ...... She easily qualified, but the waiting list was 5 years long. ...... Clinton sure isn't suffering from bank deregulations, NAFTA, welfare "reform", the Telecom Act and a host of other things. Group Proceeds With 2-Hour Islamic 'Jumah' Prayers 'at the DNC ... Aug 27, 2012 – The host committee for the Democratic National Convention is ... Additionally, all events listed on the site have to go through an approval process. ..... The DNC is not sponsoring this and is happening prior to the .... Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 3 and 1/2 years the reason is obvious. Results for similar searches CVE - CVE List Main Page Jun 20, 2012 – CVE® is a publicly available and free to use list or dictionary of standardized ... Full database functionality...

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Do We Really Think

...English 095; Section 523 Do we really think? Thinking is the study of improving or making the best thoughts and choices that a person is capable of. Within the concept of thinking, we must be familiar with rational decision making. Having an understanding to think and make rational decision is crucial for us to succeed in today’s work environment. Thinking concerns the thought patterns of any type of topics, issue or predicament in which the person enhances the value of his or her thinking skills. Thinkers use theories to explain how the mind works. Then they apply those theories to the way they live every day. The general goal of thinking is to figure out some situation, solve some problem, answer some questions, and resolve some issue. Thinking has three dimensions an analytical, evaluative and a creative component. Analytical thinking solves problems within in our everyday lifestyle we provide an answer to the issues that follows us throughout life. This thinking process involves successful communication and problem-solving abilities. When thinking skills are applied we experience a sense of confidence that the appropriate decision has been made. For example; I was offered a job at two different companies but before I make my decision on which company was best I have to use my thinking skills. The decision- making process began to come into play. I conducted extensive research on both companies via the Internet and by personally interacting with individuals...

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...Who’s Really in Charge This paper will examine the leadership styles and qualities used by the Google Company and the management styles of Christophe Bisciglia as well as analyze situational leadership. This paper will also explore Google’s 20 percent time program and how effective it is. In reviewing this paper it will be determined what type of leadership style Google is using and the impact the style has on their organizational performance. Leadership Styles and Qualities of Google Management and Christophe Bisciglia The leadership style of Google management appears to be more participative leadership. The leadership style empowers and encourages employees to have innovative ideas and to implement those ideas. Google has a way recruiting the best employees and giving them the freedom to exercise their creativity. Baldwin, H. (2012). Bisciglia on the other hand uses more an autocratic style of leadership. Bisciglia had a large amount of students and he would use his entrepreneurial skills to get a team of volunteers together to work with college interns and develop the curriculum. Basciglia asked several colleagues to use their 20% time to help him teach the curriculum to the interns. This idea was so popular students couldn’t wait to sign up. Basciglia, know how to get the right people to help him get the job done, but it appears he maintained most of the authority as the lead teacher incorporating his ideas. More Effective...

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Not Really

... damage is taken care, and they can ruin2 while they need to move. Summoners suffer a minimal damage loss as a result of mobility, but nobody seems to complain about them like they do about bards.As someone who raids at a fairly decent level, with two bards in the group, I can attest that we didn't opt for a second bard because of the mobility, it was the utility. A second bard gives your healers an (arguable) bottomless manapool, and allows your caster dps to really flex (battle voice foe's requiem) during periods where high raid damage is necessary. All the mobility in the world is going to make the dreadnaughts in turn 4 die faster. You might say that Bard utility is overpowered, but I would insist that you take a look at the broad spectrum. 99 out of 100 raids are coming in with 2 bards or 2 caster dps. You can adequately clear all five turns with either a 2 bard or 2 caster dps setup. The same cannot be said for melee, they need to be brought up in overall raid value so that taking one isn't a decision you begrudgingly make because you want/need the limit break. You might argue the necessity of having a bard, about how no group is clearing through coils without at least one bard, but couldn't the same be said about caster dps? Outside of the caster limit break, the thought of raiding without the high numbers caster dps offers is concerning. Instead, I'd wager that both bards and casters are essential to a successful group, with melee being the black sheep...

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...RELEVANCE TO THIS COURSE: “Know What Really Motivates You” is an article about motivation in the workplace. Overall, the article promotes how leaders can create motivational fit for employees. It describes how to promote a way for workers to advance in their current work and shows them whether they are excellent at what they do or not. MAIN IDEAS IN THIS ARTICLE 1. “Know What Really Motivates You” focuses on how to get employee going and how to find what motivates them. From this article, at least three areas of experience should be developed. The first area engages how to manage your professional goal. The second area consists of how to create a motivational fit. And the third area demonstrates how to choose a role model. 2. Managing your professional growth is through first identifying your personality type. This could be done with a tool named the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” However, this tool is not accurate to the fact because it doesn’t predict your performance and even if it does, it wouldn’t tell you how to improve your performance. Promotion focus or prevention focus in the other hand can be accurate at predicting performance and how to improve it. 3. Creating a motivational fit is a way to help employees achieve their professional growth which in turn increases performance and job satisfaction. It also helps creating challenges for employees and help to attain specific goals. However, when this motivational fit is not in line with the employees...

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...What Value Really Means  Something that has value is usually seen as having some sort of worth.  There are values  with a big price tag, and there are values that are priceless. You probably value people with  qualities like caring, compassion, good work ethic, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc. Also, you  may put value in photographs, memories, heirlooms, and many more; these can be worthless to  some and mean the world to others. To one person an object or memory could be priceless. Other  values are objects like houses, cars, computers, phones, jewelry, and more. They come with large  price tags and are considered universally valuable because of their status symbols. So, which  value is more “valuable?”  Pricy values are material objects. Diamonds and gold have value because they are rare;  flat screens and iPhones have value because they are expensive. They both are symbols of wealth  and status, which is why people strive to own the newest, biggest, and best. These objects  certainly do have value; but in the end they’re just objects. They’re all relative to what society  says is the best. Having valuable objects in today’s world may make people respect you more,  and nobody would dispute that having nice things is better than having nothing. But in the end,  are the homes and the cars and the money really even valuable? In dollars and cents, obviously,     but in life, no. These material values can be taken away in an instant. True value lie in things that  can’t...

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Abortion Really ?

...Abortion Really? XXXXXXX English March XX, 2010 Richard Kamerman Abortion really? What is one of the most controversial issues in the United States today? If one of the top answers is abortion, then that is correct. Many women and their partners are often brought to this crossroad when choosing to end an unwanted pregnancy. These same individuals fail to completely realize the ramifications that follow once this procedure is done. Even though the procedure is considered relatively quick and easy, abortion must not be allowed because aborting a child is inhumane and can cause health and psychological side effects. An abortion, in general, is a procedure or operation performed to a woman that terminates a pregnancy prematurely by a perceived “quick and easy procedure”. Women who opt to do abort can have this procedure done in a one days’ time. They have the option of having a “Medical Abortion” or a “Suction Abortion”. A medical abortion is a non-surgical procedure and is also commonly referenced to as “taking the pill”. Most women prefer this method as it is quick, easy, and discreet since it can be done either at a medical clinic or if they choose to in the privacy of their home. A suction abortion is the other option or actual medical invasion procedure that can be done. According to the Pregnancy Advisory Service (2010) para. 1-4 “This procedure takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. A doctor or physician will take...

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What Leaders Really Do

...What Leaders Really Do In the article Four Seasons Goes to Paris we learned about the ins and outs of Four Seasons’ transition into a market they were not in until 1999. The transition was extremely smooth and, as the article showed, that was due in large part to their rock solid approach to international growth. While it didn’t hurt that Four Seasons was already the world’s leading operator of luxury hotels and that their revenues increased at a compound rate of 22.6% per year from 1996-2000 (Hallowell, Bowen, & Knoop, 2003), for a company as deeply committed to customer service as they are, the real success of the Paris venture would not have been possible without their exceptional leadership and human resource management. Former Harvard Business professor John P. Kotter has done extensive research in the field of organizational change and development. His article What Leaders Really Do examines the role of leadership and human resource management in the transitions of an organization, which closely relate to the challenges that Four Seasons faced. Introduction Kotter promoted the theory that management and leadership are different but complementary and that, in a changing world, one cannot function without the other. While each have their own functions and specific activities, in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment, they are both necessary for success. He found that US corporations tend to be overmanaged and underled and that successful...

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What Isis Really Wants

...What ISIS Really Wants What is the Islamic State? Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. “We have not defeated the idea,” he said. “We do not even understand the idea.” In the past year, President Obama has referred to the Islamic State, variously, as “not Islamic” and as al-Qaeda’s “jayvee team,” statements that reflected confusion about the group, and may have contributed to significant strategic errors. The group seized Mosul, Iraq, last June, and already rules an area larger than the United Kingdom. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been its leader since May 2010, but until last summer, his most recent known appearance on film was a grainy mug shot from a stay in U.S. captivity at Camp Bucca during the occupation of Iraq. Then, on July 5 of last year, he stepped into the pulpit of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, to deliver a Ramadan sermon as the first caliph in generations—upgrading his resolution from grainy to high-definition, and his position from hunted guerrilla to commander of all Muslims. The inflow of jihadists that followed, from around the world, was unprecedented in its pace and...

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... identity: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1K: D (.) here’s a little colourful Maori shell oh and I'm sorry we're down 2K: to the ones that haven't got nice bright colours in them(.) when you 3K: come to New Zealand you can come and pick your own off the rocks [ 4D: (laughs) just 5D: look at that= 6M: =beautiful= 7D: =isn't that gorgeous [ 8M: that's a real shell= 9K: =have you seen these ? that's for you to take home if you've got room 10K: in your bag (gives shell to M) [ 11M: oh that's lovely [ 12K: if not leave it behind 13D: how nice of you [ ( 14M: oh that's lovely= 15D: =oh thanks that's really lovely 16K: have you seen the pauwa shell before ?= 17D: =no 18K: do you know them...

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What Really Motivates You?

...CASE STUDY 123 SYNTHESIS 130 LIFE'S WORK 136 The first step in a testy negotiation The rise of women and the silence of men Former Irish president Maiy Robinson on wielding influence »(ähoiit authority Managing Your Professional Growth MANAGING YOURSELF Know what really motivates you. by Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tory Higgins n n what kinds of situations are you most effective? What factors strengthen—or U undermine—your motivation? People answer these questions in very different ways, and that's the challenge at the heart of good management—whether you're managing your own performsince or someone else's. One-size-fits-all principles don't work. The strategies that help you excel may not help your colleagues or your direct reports; what works for your boss or your mentor doesn't always work for you. Personality matters. In business the most common tool for identifying one's personality type is the Myers-Bdggs Type Indicator. But the problem with this and many other assessment tools is that they don't actually predict performance. (In fairness to Myers-Briggs, it doesn't claim to.) These tests will tell you about attributes—such as your degree of introversion or extroversion, or your reliance on thinking versus feeling—that indicate what you like to do, but they tell you very little about whether you are good at it, or how to improve if you're not. Fortunately, there is a way of grouping people into types...

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