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Daily Kos: WH Advisor David Plouffe and Goldman Sachs CEO ... Nov 28, 2012 – We gave him a huge mandate to not cave this time. ...... I am glad we know the WH story...but that doesn't mean it is the ...... She easily qualified, but the waiting list was 5 years long. ...... Clinton sure isn't suffering from bank deregulations, NAFTA, welfare "reform", the Telecom Act and a host of other things. Group Proceeds With 2-Hour Islamic 'Jumah' Prayers 'at the DNC ... Aug 27, 2012 – The host committee for the Democratic National Convention is ... Additionally, all events listed on the site have to go through an approval process. ..... The DNC is not sponsoring this and is happening prior to the .... Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 3 and 1/2 years the reason is obvious. Results for similar searches CVE - CVE List Main Page Jun 20, 2012 – CVE® is a publicly available and free to use list or dictionary of standardized ... Full database functionality for the CVE List is provided through ... More results for wh host and sponsors a cve listing World Long Cave List - NSS Geo2 Committee On Long And Deep ... 310+ items – WORLDS LONGEST CAVES Compiled by: Bob Gulden _ ... LENGTH LENGTH DEPTH DEPTH 1 Mammoth Cave System N.P. U.S.A. More results for wh host and sponsors a cve listing CVE - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) CVE's common identifiers enable data exchange between security products and provide a baseline index point for evaluating coverage of tools and services. More results for who sponsors cve listing

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...geared up and blown by bards numerically. At this point bards have two things: mobility and utility. Everyone seems to complain about bard mobility like it's too much but similar reactions could be thrown at summoner mobility; once their dots are up a good majority of the summoners damage is taken care, and they can ruin2 while they need to move. Summoners suffer a minimal damage loss as a result of mobility, but nobody seems to complain about them like they do about bards.As someone who raids at a fairly decent level, with two bards in the group, I can attest that we didn't opt for a second bard because of the mobility, it was the utility. A second bard gives your healers an (arguable) bottomless manapool, and allows your caster dps to really flex (battle voice foe's requiem) during periods where high raid damage is necessary. All the mobility in the world is going to make the dreadnaughts in turn 4 die faster. You might say that Bard utility is overpowered, but I would insist that you take a look at the broad spectrum. 99 out of 100 raids are coming in with 2 bards or 2 caster dps. You can adequately clear all five turns with either a 2 bard or 2 caster dps setup. The same cannot be said for melee, they need to be brought up in overall raid value so that taking one isn't a decision you begrudgingly make because you want/need the limit break. You might argue the necessity of having a bard, about how no group is clearing through coils without at least one bard,......

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...=beautiful= 7D: =isn't that gorgeous [ 8M: that's a real shell= 9K: =have you seen these ? that's for you to take home if you've got room 10K: in your bag (gives shell to M) [ 11M: oh that's lovely [ 12K: if not leave it behind 13D: how nice of you [ ( 14M: oh that's lovely= 15D: =oh thanks that's really lovely 16K: have you seen the pauwa shell before ?= 17D: =no 18K: do you know them ? 19M: lovely isn't it ? 20D: never 21M: what(.)untreated are they K? 22K: no (.) well these have been polished (.) normally they've got a roughish 23K back which looks like that there= 24D: =marvellous= ( 25M: =oh that's lovely thank you very much I love the colours= 26D: =aren't they beautiful? [ ( 27K: yes well this is I'm sorry but I'm sort of after a......

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...Argumentative Essay: Is it really worth it? LABR 1F90 Haseeb Mohammad 5591979 T.A – Nathan Cecckin March 25, 2016 “I do not support raising the minimum wage, and the reason is as follows. When the minimum wage is raised, workers are priced out of the market. That is the economic reality that seems, at least so far, to be missing from this discussion.” as John Sununu states, raising minimum wage is not a great decision. The minimum wage rate must not increase for the reason that this will put many firms out of business, and will also lower the employment rate. Assuming firms are employing resources at maximum efficiency, increasing the labor wages will cause immense damage. An increase in minimum wage will not help our economic system become efficient; in order to allow our economy to run smoothly there mustn’t be an increase in labor wages. Increasing wage rates will increase the unemployment rate resulting in an increase in inflation allowing an increase in poverty, increasing the minimum wage rate will also increase the expenses for businesses, and lastly it will also affect a majority of high school students. If the industries suppliers’ prices increase along with the wages many industries will start to go bankrupt because of the decrease in demand for the industries’ products, resulting in a decrease of employment for low skilled workers, or young people just as Niels Veldhuis & Sylvia LeRoy explain in their academic journal, “Specifically, he......

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Nothing Really’s perfect. We all learn from something – by observing, listening, asking. Sometimes, we learn from others’s mistakes. But other times, we find ourselves confronted with the consequences brought about by our own mistakes. Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, mistakes are mistakes. And as we are human beings, we have no power to press rewind and do things over. It’s done, it’s there, we have to deal with it – that’s life. I would like to thank you because : For the new experiences and adventures we gained from traveling For the stories we shared simply because we needed someone to talk to, For the mistakes we made that got us into trouble but made us closer, For the disagreements that helped us accept each other for who we really are, For the laughter and smiles we shared, For the times we helped each other out, For the nights we watched movies or series together, For the pictures we took together… The past will always be a part of our lives we can’t control. It’s done. Whatever happened, happened. Whoever came and stayed, stayed; and the others, well maybe they just weren’t meant to make it to the present. But who knows about the future, right? I’ve realized not too long ago that I’ve been trapping myself in the past, comparing whatever happens to what already happened. And by doing so, I’ve unconsciously been restricting myself of enjoying what I have now. The habit to compare the past to the future comes from the fear of repeating the past. A......

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...I was thinking about myself as to who am I ? When I self-introspected a bit,  I realised that like every individual I am a person who loves independence. But when I actually looked outside, I found that this independence is a figment of our imagination. One question that came to my mind was that even after several years of independence, are we really Independent ? During the formative years, I was under the guidance of my parents and was totally dependent on them. Their influenced has made me what I am today ! When I grew up and went to school, I was bounded by the rules and regulations. The same was applicable even for the college. At every point of time, I remember the quote, “Man is born free but lives in chains”. That time people used to say that all this will be helpful to me in becoming a good citizen and once I become an adult, I will be free and can live my life independently. On my 18th birthday, I was very excited that now I will be independent and will make a new world of my own, making all my decisions independently. But, was this really possible ? Soon my dreams were dashed to the ground. All that was around me was blood and more blood ! Every sight caused me immense pain and every time I questioned myself, are we independent ? Although we’ve fought for independence but still we aredependent much more than what we were before. I found the society to be very conservative, in reality it is not at all independent. Whatever I did, I was imposed to follow certain......

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...Are they really who they say they are? In recent years, there has been an increase in cohabitation in our society. Cohabitation by definition is two unmarried people living together without formally registering their relation as a marriage. In religious beliefs, this is not seen as an appropriate situation because in the bible it is considered a sin. However, cohabitation is a chance and requirement to establish strong bonds at the relationship. It is a key part of getting to know your partner and determining if the relationship is strong enough to evolve into a marriage. Cohabitation is quite the norm nowadays, and the number of cohabiting couples has more than doubled since 1990. Living together before marriage is a great idea for many reasons and helps develops a relationship to the fullest. Basically, cohabitation is the ultimate way to test the strength of your relationship in a way. Living together also helps give a couple a sneak peak of the married life, and gives them a head start to create a home and prepare for the future. One key reason is that you get to spend more time together with your partner. Since you two are living together you have more time to get to know each other. The couple now has a lot of extra time to learn many things like the other person’s daily habits, flaws, and true personality. It helps in making the couple grow closer and comfortable with each other. Let’s be honest marriage is a serious decision, and cohabitation......

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...What Value Really Means  Something that has value is usually seen as having some sort of worth.  There are values  with a big price tag, and there are values that are priceless. You probably value people with  qualities like caring, compassion, good work ethic, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc. Also, you  may put value in photographs, memories, heirlooms, and many more; these can be worthless to  some and mean the world to others. To one person an object or memory could be priceless. Other  values are objects like houses, cars, computers, phones, jewelry, and more. They come with large  price tags and are considered universally valuable because of their status symbols. So, which  value is more “valuable?”  Pricy values are material objects. Diamonds and gold have value because they are rare;  flat screens and iPhones have value because they are expensive. They both are symbols of wealth  and status, which is why people strive to own the newest, biggest, and best. These objects  certainly do have value; but in the end they’re just objects. They’re all relative to what society  says is the best. Having valuable objects in today’s world may make people respect you more,  and nobody would dispute that having nice things is better than having nothing. But in the end,  are the homes and the cars and the money really even valuable? In dollars and cents, obviously,     but in life, no. These material values can be taken away in an instant. True value lie in things that ......

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...Is Amazon really a monopoly? Yuejiao Jiang Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School Business Writing and Research Pratt Professor Moore Many people think all large companies have monopolistic power on their market. A monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition to produce the good or service and a lack of viable substitute goods. The truth is not all companies with huge market share are monopolies, among them is Amazon. Companies like Amazon should not be regulated, but the opposite, should be encouraged due to its impact on the development of the whole industry as a catalytic role. Amazon is not a monopoly because it maintains low prices, benefits customers, and is consumer driven. First, according to Matthews (2014), companies that hold huge market share like Amazon should not be considered illegal because they are not raising prices for consumers. Amazon put customer experiences and low prices first. The price of books on Amazon has stayed stable for many years. People may question that Amazon has been raising prices of some books since last year. But, consumers are the ones make their own judgments towards price. If Amazon happens to raise the price of books, consumers still can purchase cheaper books from somewhere else. On this condition, Amazon is not a monopoly. Price is not the only thing that will be taken into consideration......

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What Really Motivates You

...RELEVANCE TO THIS COURSE: “Know What Really Motivates You” is an article about motivation in the workplace. Overall, the article promotes how leaders can create motivational fit for employees. It describes how to promote a way for workers to advance in their current work and shows them whether they are excellent at what they do or not. MAIN IDEAS IN THIS ARTICLE 1. “Know What Really Motivates You” focuses on how to get employee going and how to find what motivates them. From this article, at least three areas of experience should be developed. The first area engages how to manage your professional goal. The second area consists of how to create a motivational fit. And the third area demonstrates how to choose a role model. 2. Managing your professional growth is through first identifying your personality type. This could be done with a tool named the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” However, this tool is not accurate to the fact because it doesn’t predict your performance and even if it does, it wouldn’t tell you how to improve your performance. Promotion focus or prevention focus in the other hand can be accurate at predicting performance and how to improve it. 3. Creating a motivational fit is a way to help employees achieve their professional growth which in turn increases performance and job satisfaction. It also helps creating challenges for employees and help to attain specific goals. However, when this motivational fit is not in line with the employees’......

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...Karla Seeberger Professor Ashton English-221-9542 April 19, 2016 College: Is It Really Worth It? The American Collegiate System has various pros and cons that many young adults in America have come to either admire or despise. One of the main controversial focus points within this system is the cost and quality of education within American systems. America has been known to have the most expensive collegiate system when compared to any other system around the world. Although many individuals believe that a college education is a prerequisite for being able to receive financial stability and health, is it really worth the thousands of dollars worth of debt an years worth of time? In America, there are countless job possibilities that are available to accommodate every individual’s interests. Although there may be numerous jobs available for everyone, there are costly consequences. In today’s modern workforce, the majority of jobs require individuals to obtain a degree, that relates to the job, to ensure they are educated and aware of the specific requirements that the job entails. According to an article written by Alicia C. Shepard, “College is no longer a prestigious milestone, but a consumer product”. Shepard stated that many college students are not attending college to learn, but are there in hopes to receive “their money’s worth” of high GPAs and test scores to help them achieve their desired degree (“College Education”). The Huffington Post states that the......

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Is College Really a Waste of Time

...Professor Laurie g English 102-V2 13 September 2001 Is College Really a Waste of Time When I was a child, I remember my parents always telling me that going to college was not only going to be an investment, but it is also the only way to be more successful in life. Yes, it is true that going to school would be an investment and in some circumstances successful in life, but what they seemed to leave out was that going to college may not be necessary to be successful in life. I followed this approach up until I entered my freshman year of college and realized that my parents were only telling me the half-truth. Yes, college is an investment and by going to college it leads to becoming more successful in life, but what they left out was that there is more to the equation. The other factors to the equation includes, what it I am going to school for, an economy of high unemployment rates, students debts, and most importantly the competition one will face in order to get that particular job. Entrepreneur leading Uncollege Dale Stephens in is article “College is a waste of time” for his special on CNN examines that with life experience, creativity, internet tools, college degrees are “unnecessary”. In “College is a waste of time” Dale Stephens explores how he has come to the determination that college is a waste of time through personal experience and argues why and how to avoid attending college. Stephens sums up the recent costs for college tuition and student loan......

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...Are we really in anthropodenial? I love to watch chimpanzees at the zoo. In fact, no visit to the zoo is complete without a visit to the chimpanzee cage. Moreover, we always joke that visiting the chimpanzees is like visiting our relatives. All joking aside, we do tend to think of chimpanzees as having human characteristics. However, according to Frans De Waal, attributing human emotions to animals has long been seen as a scientific blunder. However, attributing human emotions to animals gives us insight into them and us (Waal, 1). I think that chimpanzees seem to understand things like humans do. I was particularly in awe that Georgia, a chimpanzee can play with people by spraying them with water. Also, I was amazed that Georgia could sense that she should refrain from spraying Waal with water based on Waal’s gestures. I understand that by giving nonhuman animals human characteristics is anthropomorphism; however, I believe that chimpanzees are very intelligent and that they are the closest animals to humans based on evolution. In short, I tend to agree with Waal claim that both humans and chimpanzees behavior can be explained in the same manner that we explain our own behavior—as the result of both a complex and a familiar inner life (Waal, 5). Therefore, it seems that anthropomorphism has a place in the scientific community. Moreover, I think it is worth the risk of overestimating chimpanzee’s mental life because how else are scientific discoveries going to be made. ...

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Is the End Really Near? the media who talk about it every second of the day. With the apocalypse of 2012 the media does not seem to talk about as much as people would expect it to. In fact the media does seem to talk about it, all they do is make an amusement out of it , instead of making it something serious. Also a movie was made about the apocalypse showing what would happen if it were to come true, and also making it seem like an amusement. Therefore the media publicities this all in a non-serious way. There has been a lot of controversies about 2012 being the final year, but how on earth is it possible to pinpoint the exact date, month and year, all in one, of the end of the world. If it would end there would have to be only one proof to this theory , really detailed information and the media developing this story every second of the day which we obviously do not have. The question still remains to be solved, will the world end December 21, 2012? Stay tuned to find out....

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Physical Fitness: What It Really Is

...Everyone’s heard of exercise and physical fitness and health and whatnot. Some say you’re not fully alive if you don’t eat healthy. Others say the best way to enjoy a day is to run for a mile. Still others don’t care at all. People would go for crash diets and equate “thin” with the word “healthy”. Others would retreat to the gym and workout until they go daft. But of course, none of these are entirely accurate. I guess we can say that this is because no one really understands the true meaning of Physical Fitness. Physical Fitness can simply be defined as being healthy—mind, body, and spirit—without tiring yourself out too quickly for normal. It isn’t only being thin and sexy or strong and muscular; it is yourself being in the best condition as you could be. And there is more than one way to achieve physical fitness. The first and most obvious way would be to eat a balanced diet. And “diet” does not mean surviving on one meal per day. A balanced diet would follow the Food Pyramid where the most you should eat are carbohydrates like rice and bread found at the bottom of the pyramid and the least are salts and fatty foods at the top of the pyramid. You should plan what you eat every week, and make sure you eat in moderation. Just because it says an apple a day is good for you doesn’t mean you should eat pounds of it every single day. The second way would be to exercise. Take note that exercise does not mean the same thing as bodybuilding—exercise is toning your......

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