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The speech that I listened to was a speech by Melvin Russell and it is called, “I Love Being a Police Officer, but We Need Reform.” He was a very effective speaker his speech was very engaging and had some humor added to him. I would rate this speech as a nine out of ten points. The reason I would rate it this way is because he was very organized with his thoughts, he even had a piece of paper that he use to keep the speech going. He used real life examples to support what he was saying. The way he would say things would also make you think about think that you have been through. Melvin Russell said, “I need to say this: it's not just law enforcement, though. Because every one of us makes up a community. Everybody makes up a community. And as communities -- can I say this? -- we have put too much responsibility on law enforcement.” He made a very good point when he said this, …show more content…
He presents his ideas in a way that keeps you both interested in what he has to say and it also seems very credibility. He does know the points he wants to get across. Melvin knew his plan to improve the police department worked because he said, “And so, after three years of a four-and-a-half-year stint, we looked back and we looked over and found out that we were at a 40-year historical low: our crime numbers, our homicides -- everything had dropped down, back to the 1970s.” He knew that getting people to view the police department as part of the community would be the best way to go. He used the oral style because he uses personal stories to support his claim. The introduction I feel is very good, it gained my attention and makes me want to listen to what he said to say. He tells me his key points and lets me know what the main idea of his speech is. The conclusion supports his ideas, it makes it memorable, and it does show how he is credible. It ended on a strong

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