Richman Investment Remote Access Security Policy

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Richman Investment’s Remote Access Security Policy
1) Wireless Access
At Richman Investment’s when the network is accessed remotely via wireless appropriate wireless security
standards will be used.
• Wired Equivalency Protocol (WEP) will be used as standard on Wi-Fi
• A WEP encryption key will be used.
• The network will be configured not to advertise its presence.
• The power of access points will be turned down to a minimum that still allows
the access point to function.
• Due to the possibility of cracking Wireless Encryption Protocol using sniffing
software such as AirSnort all wireless access points will be outside the
• Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) will be used where it is available.
2) Secure Access via VPN
Access from remote users to the corporate network will be via secure IPSEC VPN
or SSL VPN connections only. This is necessary to secure the connection from the
remote device to the corporate network.
3) Prevention of Data Loss
All laptops and PDA’s that are taken off site will have the following security
configured, to prevent data loss in the event of theft.
• The hardware password will be enabled if available.
• All corporate data on the laptop or PDA will be encrypted using appropriate
encryption software.
• Sensitive documents will be accessed remotely and not downloaded to the
laptop or PDA.
4) Remote Device Protection
To prevent remote PC’s, laptops, PDA’s etc from compromising the corporate
network, security software will be installed on the devices.
• Firewall software will be installed on the devices to prevent them from being
compromised by trojans and back door software.
• Anti-virus software configured to automatically download the latest virus
signatures will be installed and utilised.
5) Blue Tooth
To prevent Bluetooth enabled devices from being…...