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Rights and Freedom

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Rights and Freedom

In this paper I will discuss about which freedom that guaranteed me in the First amendment to the Constitution. I will also discuss about the significance of the Bill of Rights, and the process for amending the constitution. The amendment which guaranteed freedom to me in the First Amendment to the Constitution personally is the Amendment 1. Amendment 1 states that I am guaranteed my right of freedom of speech, press, and religion, peaceable assembly, and petition. This amendment here first of all offers a variety of freedoms for me. And I believe that as a citizen here in America I am entitled and to these rights.

One of the first amendments is the freedom of speech, I am glad this was guaranteed so that I may have the right to express how I may feel and about the matters of this world. And that it is ok to be able to do so and also to be able to express my opinions, feelings, and etc. So with that being said I am able to speak about the issues or area that our government don’t really handle or are not really addressing whatever needs to be address. This is very important to me because I am able to speak my mind without being prosecuted for it and to actually really get my point across of what I need to and just be able to speak about different things in life.

Next freedom from the First Amendment is the Freedom of Press, I am glad this is guaranteed to me so that I am able to get different information from many different sources that I may need to obtain information from. This also allows for me to be able to view different magazines, and what is being on television that I don’t have to just watch a specific broadcasting or to find out information I can use other resources. This also gives

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