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Rise of Female Offender

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The rise of the ‘new’ ‘dangerous’ and ‘violent’ female offender
• The for and against argument
• Assess all evidence
• Decide which opinions, theories, models are preferable
Research conducted for the national commission on the causes and prevention of violence, ward et al asked ‘are women more aggressive in committing violent crimes today than in the past? Women were viewed as gatekeepers of social morality and the common fear is that women are changing. Ward and his colleagues relied on to document the nature of women ‘violent offences. They have examined whether and how the characteristics and crimes of incarcerated female offenders have changed. This essay also seek to explain the patterns of stability and change over the last third of the 20th century in women’s crimes of violence and the moral panics that explain violent criminality by women.
Although boys engage in more delinquent and criminal acts than do girls, female delinquency is on the rise. In 1980, boys were four times as likely as girls to be arrested; today they are only twice as likely to be arrested. In this article, Elizabeth Cauffman explores how the juvenile justice system is and should be responding to the adolescent female offender
Reasons why there is less research on female criminality?
Smart (1976) stated that throughout history female violence or crime have has been neglected` in criminology theories. The studies show that females were documented to commit less crime, which resulted female offenders being simply conformed within the theoretical aspects of criminology. The fact that women, across most cultures committed far fewer crimes than men was not seriously addressed. There are several reasons: Female crimes were considered low compared to men. Secondly it been noted that vast majority of criminologist were men and their criminal justice theories were…...

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