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Rising Student Loan Default Rate: the Next Financial Crisis in the United States


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Rising Student Loan Default Rate: The Next Financial Crisis in the United States
Rebecca Richards
QBT1 - Language and Communication: Research
October 1, 2012

Rising Student Loan Default Rate: The Next Financial Crisis in the United States

Higher education is an important resource for career focused people here in the United States. In order to attend college, most students have to take out loans in order to cover the cost of attending. However, the rising rate of student loan defaults has recently become a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Economists agree that the rising amount of student loan default can prove to be a good indicator when seeking to predict future payments on student loans (Ismail, Serguieva, & Singh, 2011). Recent studies have shown that the growing rate of student loan default on higher education loans could cause another financial crisis in the United States because the loans are government backed, the cost of higher education is on the rise, and unemployment rates are on the rise preventing repayment.
Taking on student loans can feel like and endless cycle of entrapment to the borrowers and they are often left with the belief that they have no other choice than to default on their loans. It is impossible to say with 100% certainty where the culpability lies for this unfolding crisis. One point of view is that the students may be at fault for not fully understanding the magnitude of the debt they are taking on by applying for these loans in the first place. Another point of view is that possibly the schools may be at fault for not offering more instruction to the borrowers about the loans and charging higher prices for tuition. Perhaps the fault is with the loan issuers for allowing the students to take on these loans even though there is no real surety that they will be paid off. Regardless of the

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