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Romeo and Julies and 1984

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Asses how your action contributed to your issue , both locally and nationally.

My actions has actions locally and also nationally. The leaflet and the presentations are nationally because i spread the idea all around my area but I Came with the idea to do an Facebook pace to let the other people from others countries this means that my facebook action in nationally. The impact of my actions was that I`m trying to help others and the people are realising that Discrimination is an act drama that many people or children’s are living.
The actions in my school and around it was that I see the students more respecting each others and also helping each other this should mean that my actions have a really good impact on them.
The nationally impact was that many people gave me Like on my facebook page and also they leave comments on my facebook wall and it sounds like ‘ Thank you for helping , It helped’ . This sounded like I did helped someone from outside of London.
The globally impact was that people from other countries start messaging me for help ,because they have been discriminated in High school and also in college I tried to give them advice and I hope it helped them. Many people were from Africa.
What i think is that the facebook didn’t really helped for globally effects because in the poorer countries they may not have the possibilities to the internet so what I`m trying to say is that to visit the courtiers that are really affected by Discrimination and try to spread the message to them as well .
With all my actions facebook page , tweeter and others ,I was trying to spread the word and let the people know that life can it be good even if you are different .

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