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1. How do information projects systems get started in organizations?
2. How are organizational information systems related to company strategy? How does strategy affect the information systems a company develops and uses?
3. Research customer loyalty programs in retail firms. How common are they? What are their primary features? 4. What do you think Jim’s next step would be? Why?
5. Why would a systems analyst new to a company be a good choice to lead an important systems development effort?

1. We think Information systems projects get started by management to identify problems and analyze solutions. Usually, to start information systems projects, manager would gather data from employee’s survey about the current system of what components could be improve or eliminate, then utilize such information to create the first step in the project. Then, systems analysis can use several options to start, in house, you have information technology firms, outsourcing, or maybe buy some off-the-shelf software. Then you would use what most organization use as standard steps, system development methodology(SDLC).
2. Organization information systems are related to company strategy by working toward the same goal. A strategy is the direction that the company try long term planning. Company would use its resources to overcome challenges or risks to meet the needs of markets and its statement.
Organizational information systems help company achieve its plan, and help determine the boundary of information throughout different functional area. Generally, they work together and need to complement each other. They work together and if one evolves so does the others.
Strategy affects the information systems a company develops and uses because strategy use current system to find out solutions, so that it could achieve the goal. In an event of direction

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