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Appendix ‘A’


1. Library:

1. Books:

|S.No. |Type |New Titles Required |Volume of New Titles |Cost per Unit |Total Costs |Remarks |
| | | |Required | | | |
|1 |Paper Back |1200 |1200 | Rs.1500/-Aprox cost | 18 Lacs | Common to ASAP |
| | | | | | |& ASD |
|2 |Electronic | | | | | |

2. Journals:

|S.No. |Type |New Titles Required |Volume of New Titles |Cost per Unit |Total Costs |Remarks |
| | | |Required | | | |
|1 |Paper Back | 4 | 4 | Rs.250/- | Rs.4000/- | Common to ASAP |
| | | | | | |& ASD |
|2 |Electronic | | | | | |

2.3 Newspapers:

|S.No. |Type |Nos. |Cost per Unit |Total Costs |Remarks |
| |Employment News | | | | |

2. Activities Planned (Please include all Activities as mentioned in Annual Academic Planning including Orientation Programme, Club Committees etc)
*Expenses should cover Lunch/Dinner Expenses, Field & Industry Visits, Gifts & Presents, Photographs etc.
|Date |Activity Title |Brief Description of Expenses |Level |Estimated |Type of Funding |
| | | | |Expenditure (Rs.) | |
| | | |Institutional |National |Inter-national |
| | | |Institutional |National |
|1 |5 |Rs. 800/- Per session + |Rs. 2,80,000 | |
| | |Rs. 300/- Per Visit for Conveyance | | |

3. Placement - By Institutions *No. of Companies likely to visit -4 *No. of Executives likely to visit – 1per company
|S.No. |Placement Expenses |Total Costs |Remarks |
|1 |Accommodation |- | |
|2 |Travel |- | |
|3 |Lunch |440/- |@110/- per person |
|4 |Hi Tea |- | |
|5 |Gifts & Presents |- | |
|6 |Tea/Coffee |26/- |@ 6.50/- per person |
|7 |Misc.Expenses |- | |

4. Other Expenses:
|S.No. |Other Expenses |Total Costs |Remarks |
|1 |Local Conveyance |57,600/- | 4 faculty per Saturday@300/-|
| | | |per faculty |
|2 |Membership & Subscription | | |
|3 |Office Expenses |60,000/- |5,000 per month |
|4 |Photocopy Expenses |24,000/- |2,000 per month |

5. Travelling: *To be given separately once the visit is approved.

6. Teaching Aids:
|S.No. |Type of Item |No. Required |Remarks |
|1 |LCD |2 | |
|2 |OHP |- | |
|3 |Lap Top |3 | |
|4 |White Board |2 | |
|5 |P A System |2 | |
|6 |Any other item |- | |
| |Total Costs | | |

7. Miscellaneous (Please include other items which are not included above)

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