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The Arts Law Centre of Australia.


What is the Law ?

The law is a system of rules organising the rights, obligations and responsibilities in, or members of, a sovereign state.

A cultural institution – an invention of the people.

Youtube – introduction to Australian law. (shenanigans videos)

Functionally, the law is a system of rules recognised and applied by the courts.

The state must enforce the orders of the courts; the law exists, ultimately, only because the state will enforce it.

CRIMINAL LAW. - Criminal Charges are laid by Police or the DPP

CIVIL LAW - All other areas of the law that covers disputes between citizens. e.g. intellectual property, family law.


Theoretically why does the law exist ?

To protect basic human rights:
Note: Australia has no bill of rights unlike the US the UK and others.
To aid in the resolution of conflicts.
To promote fairness, order and stability in society.
To promote desirable social and ecconomice behaviour (capitalist democracy) * concepts such as morality and justice influence the law but do not determin it.
To represent the “will of the people” (through voting in referendums).

Record or publishing agreements related to music and other assignable licensable works under the copyright act 1968.
Film production agents.
Trade mark patent, or design applications mad to IP Australia
Negotiations between artists and their employers (publishers, advertisers, touring companies).
INTITUTIONS OF THE AUSTRALIAN LEGAL SYSTEM PARLAMENT – creates the law * State and Territory Parliament, Federal Parliament (Canberra)

THE COURTS – Apply the Law * Tribunals (e.g. Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal) * Administrative bodies (e.g.…...

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