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Samesex Marriage


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Third Gender – Equality and Truth
It is a brave and honest person who can stand apart from the masses and openly challenge its most treasured beliefs. ~ Donna Evans
As humans, we understand a little about our complex bodies even with the greatest medical science. It is what it is. Then why lie? Secrecy and stigma are worse than the condition itself. Without truth and transparency, it is difficult to pass laws, provide equal rights, offer support and help for all. We need to have an environment which encourages truth, tolerance, and respect for all. Are there only two genders or is there a third gender?Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, we can all agree thattruth is always the right option and secrecy and lying have no place for a long-term solution in a civilized society. There are several issues withsecrecy and lying. First it is wrong. Second it does not take into account the feelings and trauma of the person being lied to. Third it could lead to criminal acts such as if lying is a crime under oath. What are the bioethics for disclosure to spouses?
It is NOT about gender identity or it is NOT about the sexual identity, it is about the HUMAN identity which is to say the truth.
As a human being, everyone deserves a feeling of “belonging”, understanding and acceptance. Without recognition of the truth, how will an intersex person marry legally or how can an intersex couple (who are infertile) adopt a child legally or have a child through in vitro fertilization (IVF) legally? What about the equal laws and rights of the young, male, spouse caregiver of the intersex patient? Truth above all is the right long-term solution. If allowing a “third gender” option helps foster saying the truth then maybe that is the path to take. By saying the truth, one can get rights and people are making changes in the third

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Samesex Marriage

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