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Debate Discussion: Is the Cost of College to High


Debate Discussion: Is the Cost of College to High

A college degree is found to be necessary in today's society to obtain a good paying job. Employers believe that it doesn't just provide you with the education needed but makes you a better person through the experience. With the increase cost of college, financing ones education has become a struggle. Although there are many scholarships and grants for students to apply for, they can be difficult to obtain. The idea of paying back possibly thousands of dollars in student loan debit can also be a scary for most. Especially for millions at a time when families income are hurting.
Cost of College Increasing The average cost is higher at higher colleges "the average debate in 2011 was $23,300, with 10 percent owing more than $54,000 and 3 percent more than $100,000, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports. Average debt for bachelor degree graduates who took out loans ranges from under $10,000 at elite schools like Princeton and Williams College, which have plenty of wealthy students and enormous endowments, to nearly $50,000 at some private colleges with less affluent students and less financial aid" (Martin, Lehren, 2012). Another inpact for the rising cost; funding cuts, also drive college tuition up. College are needing to be able to make up the lost, therefore pass it onto the students, who then inquire addition debit. "The economists, however, suggest that there is "strong suggestive evidence" that decreases in state and local funding of public universities are linked to tuition increase, particularly since the recession. They find this troubling and suggest that college students will have to shoulder even more of the college cost burden in the future."

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