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For Helen Keller, the most important day was she met her teacher when she was almost 7 years old. After Helen Keller met her teacher, her life changed totally, she studied knowledge, wrote books and became famous. For me, the most important day is the first day I went to primary school. I had no friends before I went to school. I didn’t go to kindergarten because my mother, who was a teacher, taught me at home. I learned without any classmates, I played alone and I shared my lunch with my mother only. I felt so lonely before I went to primary school. There was a school next to my home in my hometown. Every day at 5 pm, there were many students running out from school with smiling faces. Parents picked up their children and went home. I wanted to go to school like other children, chatting and playing with friends. However, I had no friends until I was 6. Before I went to school a month, I got a government letter saying I had to go to school because I was 6 which was the age to go to primary school. It made me excited. When I first went to school, I was so excited and scared. I had never met to other same age kids. I had no idea how to communicate with other kids even an opening conversation. When I was dropped off by my mother I was scared and cried. However, I was taken to a classroom by a teacher and I hid behind her. When my classmates saw that I was hiding behind the teacher, they made fun of me for a long time. I thought I would go home with a crying face but a few classmates came and talked to me at break time. They took me around to visit our school. At lunch time, some classmates sat with me and shared their lunch box with me. After school, we went home together even though my home was very close to school. They took me to a park far away from my home and school where we chatted and played. I was punished by my mother because I went to too far but I was

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