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Miriam Herrera
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14 July 2015
Should school administrators be allowed to have firearms on school grounds?
I think they should be able to have guns on campus. They can be allowed to have them with the proper training and the proper certification to handle a gun. Administrators who carry guns must have and maintain a handgun license; pass a psychological evaluation; and undergo firearms and emergency response training. The administrators can be allowed to have a firearm if they wish to if they wish to go that extra mile to keep their students safe. They will not be forced to have a gun if they do not wish to. With so many school shootings that have happened though out the years, I find that it will help keep the students safe. Having a gun on school campus will not stop the school shooting from happening. It will buy some time for the police to get there and handle the situation. If the teacher need to shoot the gun, with the proper training they will receive they will be able to know where to shoot and how to shoot. In order to have a gun in class the will have to keep it locked up where they only know where it is and they are the only ones to have a key to the lock.
Many states are debating whether they should allow the students and school teacher to carry a gun on school campus. Oklahoma singed a bill last year where it is now legal for teachers and staff to carry guns on public school grounds. Texas just recently passed a bill allowing guns at college. Utah, Alabama, Kansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, also signed a bill where anyone with a permit is allowed to carry a gun on school grounds. Georgia has also passes the guns everywhere. That includes schools, churches, and bars. Some schools already have cops on school patrolling the area to make sure nothing happens. There is always a district that can offer that protection for example the Brantley County here in Georgia. The school district hasnot ben able to have an officer for more than 15 years. The assistant superintendent Dr. Greg Jabos says they don’t have the funds to pay for the officer. With the new law that passes they will no longer need to get an officer. They will be able to choose the teachers that are capable to take training and also know self-defense.
Many people may not agree with my opinion of allowing guns on school grounds but I think it is a good idea. Yes it’s not going to stop the school shooting from happening but it will at least but some time and maybe even scare the gunman because the person he least expects it will have a gun and will not be afraid to use it in order to keep the students safe. Like the NRA vice president Wayne Lapierre Said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

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