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Three selection tools that I would consider using for a hiring program at my supermarket are job history, interview process, and a criminal background check. I believe that all three of these tools will help decide whether or not I will hire an applicant. When deciding on hiring an applicant, you want to know about whom you are hiring and if they will make a great employee. I believe that these three selection tools are the best combination of tools to use for a hiring program. I chose job history as one of my selection tools, because I would want someone who would be looking for a long time position and grow with the company. Checking someone’s job history will help determine if the applicant is going to work hard for the company, have qualified skills that will benefit the company, and to see how determined the applicant is. I believe that hiring an applicant who has a previously worked for a company for a long time, will show great qualities that I would look for in a future employee. The next selection tool that I would consider using for a hiring program would be the interview process. The interview process allows the employer to get a feel and better understanding for the potential candidate. On certain applications, the applicant can’t fully express their personality and job history because it is very limited on space with other important information. In the interview process, this gives the applicant a way to express their personality and describe their qualifications in more detail. According to Bohlander & Snell (2007), “The interview remains a mainstay of selection because (1) it is especially practical when there are only a small number of applicants; (2) it serves other purposes, such as public relations; and (3) interviewers maintain great faith and confidence in their judgments” (pg. 267). The final selection tool that I would consider using for a hiring program would be a background check. By conducting a background check, this will prevent any problems such as theft, embezzlement, and violence in the workplace. It is best to not hire anyone who has a bad background check, because I would not want anyone to steal any money or product from the supermarket. If this were to happen, this would add up a huge loss for the supermarket. Background checks also verify social security cards, past employment, criminal records, and education verification. The three selection tools that I would consider using for a hiring program at my supermarket would be job history, interview process, and criminal background check. These three selected tools will narrow down to determine which applicant is qualified for the position. It is crucial to get as much information on the applicant in order to be confident and comfortable with hiring the individual. Job history, interview process, and a criminal background check are the three selection tools that are a great combination in a hiring program. The three selection tools that I would use for my final project are job history, interview process, and a criminal background check. These three selection tools are the same tools that I used previously with the hiring program at the supermarket. I believe that these tools will be very beneficial in the hiring process of an applicant. During a hiring process, looking at the applicants job history will explain what kind of work they have done, how long they were employed with this company, and what kind of qualifications that they have. During the interview process, the employer will get a great sense in which the applicant is. I can always tell a lot about someone when I first meet him or her, and the interview process will help me determine whether he or she is fit for the job. The criminal background check is very important when considering hiring an applicant. Criminal background check verifies any criminal history. I will not hire anyone who has a criminal background because I could not rely on his or her honesty at all. Using all three of these selection tools will eliminate applicants and will direct me to the qualified and hard working applicants.

Interview questions for Candidate: 1. How would you describe yourself? Explain. 2. How would you describe your work ethics? 3. Why did you leave your last job? 4. What are your long term and short-term goals? 5. What specific goal is related to your occupation? 6. What do you see yourself doing five years from now? How about ten years from now? 7. How do you plan on achieving your career goals? 8. What are the most important rewards you expect out of your career? 9. Why did you choose this career? 10. Can you explain this gap in your employment history? 11. How well do you work with other? 12. Do you prefer working alone or with a group? 13. How would you evaluate your ability to deal with a conflict at work? 14. Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor or former coworker? How did you resolve the conflict? 15. What do you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses? 16. How would your good friend describe you? 17. Describe the best job you have ever had? 18. What motivates you in life, and to go that extra mile on a job? 19. Why should I hire you? 20. What makes you qualified for this position? 21. What do you think it takes to be successful in a company like ours? 22. In what ways do you think you can contribute to our company? 23. Have you ever been fired or forced to resign? 24. What qualities should a successful manager and employer possess? 25. Do you consider yourself a leader or follower? 26. In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable? 27. What’s one of the hardest decisions you had to make?

The interview method that I prefer to use is the Panel interview. A panel interview is “an interview in which a board of interviewers question and observes a single candidate” (Jones, 2007, p. 269). A panel interview is when the candidate meets with three to five interviewers who take turn to ask questions to the applicant. Once the interview is finished, the panel gets together and rate and review the applicant on how well he or she did. I believe that others prefer this interview method because having a panel interview eliminates discriminations so that it is fair for all candidates. I also believe that having different people ask the candidate questions will make sure that every topic and concerns are covered. In reaching a hiring decision for this position, I will summarize all the information about the applicant. I will look at the “can-dos” and the “will-dos” that will affect the job performance. I would ask myself what the individuals’ skills and qualifications are in order to place them in a position that best suits the company and for the individual. The next thing I would do for deciding whether to offer a position is to talk about their wages. The final decision of hiring an individual is very important because this individual might help in the success of the company or might turn the company down for the worst.

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