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2014 Data Science
Salary Survey
Tools, Trends, What Pays (and What Doesn’t) for Data Professionals

John King & Roger Magoulas

Take the Data Science
Salary and Tools Survey
As data analysts and engineers—as professionals who like nothing better than petabytes of rich data—we find ourselves in a strange spot: We know very little about ourselves.
But that’s changing. This salary and tools survey is the second in an annual series. To keep the insights flowing, we need one thing: People like you to take the survey. Anonymous and secure, the survey will continue to provide insight into the demographics, work environments, tools, and compensation of practitioners in our field.
We hope you’ll consider it a civic service. We hope you’ll participate today.

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Job # 15420

2014 Data Science
Salary Survey

Tools, Trends, What Pays
(and What Doesn’t) for Data

John King and Roger Magoulas

2014 Data Science Salary Survey by John King and Roger Magoulas
The authors gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Owen S. Robbins and
Benchmark Research Technologies, Inc., who conducted the original 2012/2013
Data Science Salary Survey referenced in the article.
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