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1. The Skin: What is it and how does it work and why it is important A. Humans have an outer covering called the integument, which includes the skin and the structures derived form epidermal cells such as nails. B. Skin function 1) The skin covers and protects the body form abrasion, bacterial attack, ultraviolet radiation and dehydration. 2) It helps control internal temperature. 3) Its vessels serve as blood reservoir for the body. 4) The skin produces vitamin D. 5) Its receptors are essential in determining environmental stimuli. Touch, vibration, pain and temperature. 6) It regulates the movement of substance into and out of the body or somatic system. C. Skin Structure 7) Epidermis refers to the thin, outermost layers of cells consisting of stratified, Squamous epithelium a) Keratinization of epidermal cells of the stratum corneum turns them into dead bags of keratin, a waterproofing protein. b) Three pigments--melanin, hemoglobin, and carotene--contribute to skin color. Dermis, the ticker portion of the skin underlying the epidermis, is mostly dense connective tissue (1) Blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerve endings are located here (2) Sweat glands secrete a fluid (mostly water with a little dissolved salt) that is useful in regulating the temperature of the body (3) Oil (sebaceous) glands function to soften and lubricate the hair and skin: acne is a condition in which the ducts become infected by bacteria (4) Hairs are flexible structures rooted in the skin and projecting above the surface, growth is influence by genes, nutrition ,a d hormones (5) As the body ages, epidermal cells divide less often, skin becomes thinner, more susceptible to injury, drier and...

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...TalentsGetting HiredContact Us If there are no positions that meet your preferences or match your qualifications, click here to create your profile. Future Leaders Business SummitScholarship ProgramOJT Program The Aboitiz College Scholarship Program Championing Academic Excellence To Shape Tomorrow's Leaders Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) believes that a good education is the powerful foundation that exceptional leadership is built on. In line with this, AEV has created a scholarship program designed to support and inspire students to value, appreciate and make the most of their education. The Aboitiz College Scholarship Program (ACSP) is currently open to outstanding undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Accountancy, Business / Management, Information Technology, and Engineering. The scholarship provides the students with financial assistance to defray tuition and miscellaneous expenses, book requirements, and transportation needs. The scholarship is renewable every semester, for as long as the student maintains the 85% GPA requirement (or its equivalent) and makes normal progress toward a degree. Program Eligibility  To apply for the Scholarship Program,the applicant must: * Be a full-time 1st to 4th year incoming student of an eligible college or university; * Be pursuing a degree in Accountancy, Business / Management, IT, or Engineering; * Have a final average grade / cumulative overall GPA not lower than 85% or its equivalent; *......

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