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Senior Citizens Andtechnology


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Is it Important for Senior Citizens to Learn Technology? Second Industrial revolution was the period of new inventions, also known as technological invention's time period. Technology has marked its value and significance in every occupational field. It has changed the way people live and proceed. Modern school life to an occupational career university, to a common resident in United States, technology has been overcoming from past years. For many senior citizens, technology is the way of making social connections and engaging themselves in productive and informative activities. Senior citizens are slow to new technology but they are facilitated with them. Use of computers and mobiles are very common, it helps them to spend their time joyfully at the age of life when they have time for others, but other people are busy and do not have time for them. According to a writer at New York times, most of the people don't know how to use technology, the use of internet, phones and laptops are like foreign language to them (Span 1). Many people are not interested in learning and using technology, but others are very curious about new technical inventions and their use, as that all is their primary source to surf time in their old ages. New technology keep seniors busy, socially connected and mentally active. There are so many new technologies that are helping senior citizens every day, with their routine works, important payments and fees to submit, and also online assistance for variety of things. Tablets and iPods are big help for them. They are learning a lot from it, "From games that promote brain fitness to apps that track health information, a tablet can have a variety of positive impacts on seniors’ lives. Seniors can view photos, listen to music, read, learn languages—plus the devices are lightweight, their touch screens are easy to use, and font sizes can be

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