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Should College Players Get Pay


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basketball and football are the most profitable collegiate sports. For example, March Madness the college basketball post season made $1.15 billion in ad revenue in 2013 (Van Ripper). It is a proven fact that college athletics is a revenue giant so why can’t these athletes get paid to play. Instead, college athletes the main attraction, for endorsement companies, and fanatics, are paid with a scholarship that is worth, an average of $50,000 in four years depending on universities (Jennings). In addition, collegiate athletes are forced to agree to harsh rules and regulations that prevent them from being normal collage students. Therefore, college athletes deserve financial recognition for the merchandise profit they generate, as well as the opportunity to pursue their own financial gains. As athletes, they work hard on the field every day to bring in fans and wins for their school; it’s only fair that they are rewarded for their efforts, at least in some small way.
Background, According to the NCAA in order to play college sports every athlete must be amateur certified. Yet, what exactly makes a collegiate athlete an amateur? The NCAA has struggled to properly answer this question for a long time. Therefore, as of 2007, the NCAA amateur rules are as follows. Collage athletes are prohibited from, signing contracts with professional teams, earning salary for participating in athletics, earning prize money above actual and necessary expenses, playing with professionals, trying out, practicing or competing with a professional team, earning benefits from an agent or prospective agent, and agreeing to be represented by an agent ( In recent memory these very rules and many other NCAA rules have been challenged in the court of law by current and former college athletes. For example, in one of the most direct challenges to the NCAA's longstanding economic model,

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