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I don’t remember where I first saw this clever method of linking (the second one), but I was instantly fascinated, and I use it when I can. This method is a new kind of grammar, if you are reading about machinery, for example, you are more likely to come across an unknown word, which you would probably skip and go on reading, but things get easier for us nowadays and we can simply click on the word itself, if of course it's a hyperlink, and explore all about the on known word. Nevertheless, hyper linking can divert your attention real bad. while reading an article, i hyperlink almost all the time, and in most cases I never come back to were I were…
Additionally I'd like to say that links show a writers work. Articles with hyperlinks shows us that the author actually cares about how we digest his information. Links build context and it's more easy to understand a text now. But think about reading a book, take Shakespeare for example, hyperlinking almost every shakespeare-made word? It sounds at least crazy.
Following the idea of practicality, yes, while reading a scientific article on Wikipedia, hyperlinks is the best of what people could ever invent. I mean, how many of you can actually understand all of the alianated terms ?
Considering both negative and positive side effects of hyperlinking, it would be essential to end up my speech with an offering. Let's try not to mix hyperlinking in literary texts and hyperlinking in spheres closely related to science and to spheres where just layman wouldn't be able to follow.

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