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Should Government Invest in Solar Energy


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Sherrah Adderley
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Eng 300
October 16, 2012
Should the government invest in solar energy? The impact of high crude prices on the economy has always been negative, resulting in high energy cost. Many Bahamians continue to struggle to keep their lights on due to the constant increases in surcharge on electric bills by The Bahamas electricity Corporation (BEC) .To reduce this energy load, the government should invest in renewable energy such as solar energy. Solar power is one way we can explore renewable energy. Maybe Bahamians are reluctant to explore renewable energy because of perceived difficulty or cost. The government should invest in solar power because; it reduces cost, environmental safe and may create jobs.(smith) Solar energy reduces cost. Since solar energy is hundred percent free it means that it can reduce the energy loads such as lowering electricity bills by the use of solar panels, solar lights and other solar products. Solar panel is cost effective as it requires no maintenance. (Van) Once installed, there are no recurring costs involved and money can be saved in the long run. Solar lights are easy to install. This is because there are a few wiring issues and little need to ever dig supporting trenches. Many Bahamians argue that it is misleading to say that solar energy is free However, the price of solar energy is found in the expense of the technology and other factors involved in extracting it and transforming it into consumable form It is not free and can a burden on the taxpayers and government. While it may be true that solar panels and other solar accessories may be expensive to buy at the onset, money is saved in the long run. This is because energy from the sun is widely available and free. Solar lights are easy to install because there are a few wiring issues and little need to ever dig

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