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Should It Be Embraced or Rejected?

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Should it be embraced or rejected?
The World Wide Web offers an abundance of information and has changed the way society gathers information, interacts with each other, and possibly the way society thinks. In analyzing Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google making Us Stoopid?” and Tyler Cowen’s “Three Tweets for the Web” the impression that readers were likely to be left with is very calculated. Both take positions on the issue of how the World Wide Web will affect the thought processes of the people who frequently use it; however, they are in complete opposition of each other in their viewpoints.
When comparing “Is Google making Us Stoopid?” to the components of an argument, in Chapter 5 of Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader by Gary Goshgarian and Kathleen Krueger, the essay is properly structured. The introduction is in place, although it does not clearly state the thesis or position of the essay. If the target audience is not familiar with “A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick” the desired effect will likely be lost resulting in confusion from the very beginning. Mr. Carr’s position on the implications and effects on the human brain is stated in the title and again in the second paragraph and is in clear contempt of the alleged outcome. He proffers that the media, which most of society divulge in, not only supplies the train of thought but may actually sculpt the train of thought. The sources that he refers to are a mix between being verifiable while others are identified merely as friends and acquaintances. It is in the second paragraph when the intention of the essay becomes clear. The author begins his argument by claiming to be suffering from physical and mental symptoms that are allegedly plaguing him and causing him to fret. The ability to concentrate is interrupted by fidgeting and he complains of his minds “desire to do something else” as if

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