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Sign Theory


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THE IDEA OF Tangible and Intangible


Report on the Advanced Readings in Sign Theory course
From the discussions and readings in the class, I have tried to accumulate different ideas and debates and develop my own understanding of the process of semiotics. Taking up the examples of painting by MF Husain and Van Dyke, I will illustrate several points that I have understood. Let me begin with a general definition of “semiotics” that I had at the beginning of the course:
Semiotics can be understood as a process involved with meaning making. It explains how various words, objects and images generate meaning or in other words how do we comprehend or attribute meaning to them. In the process semiotics does not limit itself within symbolism but even questions the naturalistic and realistic realm i.e. images or objects depicts things objectively. Semiotics also challenges intentionality of the artist or maker as a principle source that define the meaning.
Semiotic explanation complicates the way we understand the

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