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Silk Road Introduction

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The Silk Road
1. Introduction
Silk road is a road that connects China with those countries of central and western Asia. It starts from Chang’an, the capital of ancient China, to Mediterranean ending at Rome. The overall length of this road is about 6440 kilometers. As the main commodity transported on this road is Chinese silk, it is called Silk Road. It is an important trade channel for those people of China, central Asia, western Asia, southeastern Asia, Europe, Africa, and America to friendly exchanges. The physical and spiritual communication caused by the Silk Road not only riches the physical lives of these regions around this road but also hugely impacts their culture and social structure. One of the most important contributions made …show more content…
2. Exchange of material culture
China is an ancient nation owning adequate and various cultural heritage. Through the Silk Road some Chinese excellent culture and techniques were introduced to the west, which hugely improved the development of the world civilization. As the representative of Chinese ancient culture, the four inventions including compass,papermaking technology, gunpowder and movable-type printing were introduced to the west by the Silk Road, which have made huge contribution to the advancement of the whole human society, especially for the west. The introduction of papermaking technology and movable-type printing accelerated the universalization of national education of western countries, promoted the establishment of European religion, politics and capitalism, and laid the foundation of modern western civilization. After Zhang Qian going to the western region, China’s iron and smelting technology was introduced to central Asia. As one of the most important symbols of social productivity …show more content…
Confucianism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islamism enjoy equal popularity. Before the middle of Ming dynasty, Chinese economy, technology and education were in front of world. Without relying on force or the strong political background of the government, Confucianism spread to many neighboring countries just by its great humanistic spirit including humanity, kindness ethics, harmony, and the golden mean and even forming a large Confucian heritage

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