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Six Sigma Implementation for Ship Maintenance and Safety Management

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Six Sigma Implementation for Ship Maintenance and Safety Management

Bahadir Inozu, Ph.D.

Chairman, Professor, 1 and Director2

Ivan Radovic

Special Projects Manager1 and Project Manager for Maritime Applications2
1 School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering,
2Reliability, Operation and Maintenance Division,
Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center,
911 Engineering Building,
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148
Tel: (504) 280 7182, Fax: (504) 280-5627
E-mail:, Web site:

Paper to be presented at IAME 2002 Conference, 13-15 November, 2002, Panama City, Panama


Ship maintenance usually entails very complex dynamic processes that ship operators face continuously to ensure ship operational safety and comply with regulatory statues. Extensive research indicated that these processes are quite inefficient, thus creating a safety risk in ship operations. In this paper we will discuss utilization of Six Sigma management strategies in ship maintenance and safety, in addition to its applicability and benefits.

Six Sigma management strategies have a proven record in many industries. Savings through conducting Six Sigma projects have a direct impact on company profits measured through acquisition and analysis of hard data.

We will also present the results of three Six Sigma pilot studies conducted as a part of the Continuous Improvement of Drydocking Management project. We will introduce a Six Sigma roadmap that a ship operator can use on ship maintenance projects and discuss unplanned work causes and their implications on ship safety. We will further discuss the significance of machinery performance data collection and sigma level equipment availability calculations.


Six Sigma, Drydock, Ship, Maintenance, Safety, Reliability, Quality


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