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Skills of Good Speaking


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The Skills of Good Speaking
The Skills of Good Speaking • Art of Conversation • Public Speaking • Job Interview
Art of Conversation • Do’s of Conversation • Don’ts of Conversation Do’s of Conversation • Listen more than you talk. • Come to an occasion armed with topics at the ready. • Tailor the conversation to the listener. • Take your turn • Think before you speak.
Don’ts of Conversation • Don’t interrupt. • Don’t talk to only one person when conversing in a group. • Don’t engage in “one-upping. • Don’t overshare. Things Not to Say • “Am I boring you?” • “Huh?” “What?” “Say What?” “Eh?” • “Actually, you should say ‘between you and me,” not ‘between you and I.’” • “Stop me if I’ve told you this story before…” The Number One Rule of Conversation: Be Natural

Source: Public Speaking
Public Speaking • Definition • Speaking Opportunities • Similarities between PS and Conversation • Differences between PS and Conversation • Speech Communication Process • Factors to be Considered During Speaking
Public Speaking • Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. • It is closely allied to "presenting", although the latter has more of a commercial advertisement connotation.
Speaking Opportunities • At work • Selling your ideas • Technical

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