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Invest in Other Countries

Lately I have been seeing a campaign about investing in turkey, some may ask why an individual may have the notion to invest in something like turkey even though the holidays are just around the corner. Well relax, it has nothing to do with the delicious bird that we all love, it all about the country of Turkey. The ad shows a few brief images of what looks to be like a thriving economy and a few industrial images and goes on to simply say, invest in Turkey. Although I haven’t put much thought into investing in another country, and probably never would have, I felt that this this article would be a good opportunity to glance into what exactly investing in other countries entails.
So, first off, how does one invest in turkey and why would someone want to? Well, according to the campaign turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, It is ranked 16th of all countries in GDP purchasing power parity, Grew by 7.4 percent in 2005, received 18.2 billion in revenues from tourism in 2005, it is the founding member of the Orgnization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and much more. Some of the country numbers look good but, rather than investing in the country, you would actually be investing in a compilation of stocks of companies that are based in the country of Turkey. Most of the companies trade on the pink sheets, but a couple trade on the New York Stock Exchange.
So if turkey is calming to do so well, what about other Countries in the world, certainly Turkey cant be the only economy that is growing at a fair rate, and I think that a better question is why would one would want to invest in another country besides his or her own.
A few things to look at before one chooses to invest in another country are the stage of economic growth, potential for industrial growth, progress towards strengthening the infrastructure, economic policies adopted by the country, political stability of the government, liberalization policy, investment policies, and capital account convertibility has to be kept in consideration. China has one of the fastest growing economies with a growth of about 9 percent. Some estimates put china at a 8 percent growth in the next five years which is much higher than the 1-2 percent range for the U.S. economy. China is expanding at such a Quick rate that they are poised to become the leading customer of metals like iron steel, copper, and aluminum. China may soon account for close to 50 percent of the Total steel consumption in the future years.
I think that it isn’t a bad idea to look into investing into other countries, as long as one does his or her research before they decide to make a choice such as this one; and I think that holds true for all investment approaches. Although I do not know enough about investing in other countries it is not something that I would completely ignore or be opposed to doing. I do hate the fact that many of our jobs and opportunities have become something of the past for the United States, and a new opportunity and chance to grow for economies like China. As a automotive technician, I see more and more of the automotive industry moving toward investing in other countries where cost is low and companies can not only survive or maintain but also thrive.
With all of the larger companies moving, and investing in other countries, it makes me wonder why. Although I do not know for sure, I can suspect that they see something in other economies that is more promising than ours. For that simple reason I would be more incline to look further into why corporations are making this choice. Although I hate to say it, investment seems to be a selfish thing to me. I don’t mean that in a way to detour someone’s thoughts from investing, but to simply say that from my perspective investing is all about the investor and their return. In reality, people would not be so eager to loan large amounts of money to individuals that they barely know without the thought of reviving their cash plus more in the future. I think that this is the same approach that larger companies are taking why invest in the United States, when another country promises a higher, and more importantly more secure return.
I personally think that American Companies and individuals should look to invest in their economy and build our country but, I cannot blame others for recognizing reality and investing in other countries, because of the almost promised reward.

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