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Running head: MEDIA REACTION

Week Three: Media Reaction: AP Government Immigration 2011. Individual Assignment Questions.

Joseph A. Worch

SOC 315

APRIL 12, 2011

Shelley Howell

University of Phoenix

Running head: MEDIA REACTION


The media reaction to immigration problem in the United Sates is as diverse ad the cultures and peoples it impacts. While there does exist some common public and political views there is also facts information which could alter those positions. The media piece, discussed here, found on YouTube under the title AP Gov. Immigration 2011, posted by dmcb324, a variety of media clips providing information from numerous news sources both local and international are given. This paper will use this media format to address the questions on the media reaction toward immigration.

What is the historical framework of this issue?
The framework presented in this media presentation covers a current and present time frame beginning with the elections of 2010 through the months of 2011. So the information seen and heard is very up-to-date and thereby relevant in today’s societal issues.

What is the political context of this issue?
The piece presents all sides of the political spectrum. It utilizes news clips and media information from both liberals and conservatives and well as members of the Democratic and Republican parties. This unique combining of views and information provides for a very thought-provoking and unbiased look at some of the issues around immigration today. By presenting only the information, alongside the human elemnts impacted without slanting it does not lead the viewer to any conclusion and presents hwo truly complicated the issue is.

What message does the media piece attempt to convey? Was the media coverage biased or unbiased? Was the issue sensationalized or…...