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Social Studies 30-2
Diploma Exam Review Package

Try to explain these terms and answer these questions in your own words. Use your notes, textbook, former quizzes, tests and assignments if you need help.

Issue 1: Should ideology be the foundation of identity?

1. What is individualism?

2. What is collectivism?

3. Draw out a spectrum of individualism and collectivism.

4. What is meant by ideology? Give some examples of major ideologies.

5. What does philosopher Thomas Hobbes believe in?

6. What does philosopher John Locke believe in?

7. What does philosopher Jean-Jacque Rousseau believe in?

8. Draw out a spectrum including the words individualism, collectivism, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.

9. Where was liberalism “born”?

10. What is meant by a liberal democracy?

11. What is meant by social contract?

12. What do the Magna Carta, French Revolution and Declaration of the Rights of Man, and American Revolution and Declaration of Independence/Constitution have in common?

13. Who is Adam Smith and famous book did he write? 14. Who is Karl Marx and what famous book did he write?

15. Draw out a spectrum with the words individualism, collectivism, Adam Smith and Karl Marx.

Issue 2: Is resistance to liberalism justified?

16. What is liberalism? What are the major characteristics of liberalism?

17. What was mercantilism? Where did this occur, and between which countries?

18. What is meant by laissez-faire capitalism?

19. Why did capitalism emerge out of a response to mercantilism?

20. What does philosopher John Stuart Mill believe in?

21. What is meant by Rule of Law?

22. What are characteristics of classical liberalism? Draw out a spectrum with the words individualism, collectivism and classical liberalism on it.

23. What was the industrial revolution? What was the relationship between classical liberalism and the industrial revolution?

24. What is meant by modern liberalism? Draw out a spectrum that includes individualism, collectivism, classical liberalism and modern liberalism.

25. What was the purpose of the Factory Acts?

26. Why were labour unions introduced? What types of things did they focus on?

27. What is utopian socialism? Who was one of the first to come up with the idea?

28. What is socialism? Draw out a spectrum that includes individualism, collectivism, classical liberalism, modern liberalism, and socialism.

29. What is Marxism/communism? What is the fundamental difference between communism and socialism? Who are the proletariat? Who are the bourgeoisie? What did Karl Marx say would happen when the proletariat were tired over being “bossed around” by the bourgeoisie?

30. Draw out a spectrum that includes individualism, collectivism, classical liberalism, modern liberalism, socialism, and communism.

31. What was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s response to the Great Depression?

32. What techniques did Stalin use to keep power in the USSR?

33. What techniques did Hitler use to keep power in the Nazi Germany?

34. What is meant by the following words: propaganda and scapegoating?

35. What was the Cold War? What two ideologies were “at war”?

36. What is meant by sphere of influence?

37. What policy did US President Truman follow to keep communism in Eastern Europe?

38. What were the two groups the US and USSR used to keep a balance of power in the world?

39. Give an example of each of the Cold War strategies: prestige wars, espionage, deterrence, brinkmanship, proxy wars, and diplomacy.

40. What is meant by détente? When was this time period?

41. What methods did the Canadian government use to assimilate the first nations peoples?

42. In what two countries is imposing democracy happening in right now?
Issue 3: Are the values of liberalism viable?

43. In theory, whose needs is an authoritarian regime looking out for? Draw out a spectrum with individualism, collectivism, authoritarian, and democracy.

44. What is direct democracy? What is representative democracy? Give an example of each.

45. What is first past the post?

46. Authoritarian regimes: absolute monarchy, military dictatorship, minority tyranny. Give an example of each.

47. What was the conscription crisis? What legislation was introduced to make this happen?

48. What four documents between Canada and the United States have the power to suspend civil rights?

49. What three events in Canadian history were civil rights suspended?

50. What are the three economic systems? Give an example of a country that uses each system. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of each system?

51. Draw out a spectrum with individualism, collectivism, market economy, mixed economy and command economy.

52. What is meant by parliamentary democracy? What are the three branches of government? Why are the three branches of government separated?

53. What is party solidarity? How does this not reflect the values of liberalism?

54. In what Canadian document are individual rights upheld?

55. What is in the Quebec charter of rights that is not included in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Issue 4: Should my actions as a citizen be shaped by an ideology?

56. What is meant by humanitarianism? Name two events that have needed humanitarian support.

57. What is meant by protest and civil disobedience? Give an example of each.

58. What two wars in American history have had strong anti-war movements?

59. What was the civil rights movement?

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