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Socialization of Gender

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Ven Ramos
Sociology 100
Professor Sellers
4 May 2015
Socialization of Gender Toys R Us has been around for many years. When you go online you will notice that the boys section have action-oriented categories and the girls section has homemaking, beauty and imaginary categories. The baby section is the only one that is not separated by gender. According to the text book Gender is defined as “ psychological, social and cultural aspect of maleness and femaleness”. According to the textbook, “girl toys revolve around themes of domestic, fashion and motherhood.” while “boy toys, are emphasize action and adventure and encourage exploration, competition and aggression”. The four toys that I chose for boys are: Hot wheels, Minecraft, LEGO Train set and Home Depot Deluxe Power Tool Set. The toys that I chose for the girls are: My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle, Barbie, LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser and the Wooden Kitchen Center. The Hot wheels cars are different in size and have multiple colors, which are usually dark colors such as black, blue, green etc. The cars can teaches boys how to identify cars and grow up to like them as the boys grow up. Minecraft started out as a videogame that became popular where toys created for boys to play with. The package comes with Steve, Pig, Chestnut Horse, Saddle, two Grass Blocks and two Hay Blocks. The toys mimic the game where boys pretend to be Steve, who is the main character of the game and goes out to the virtual world and builds thing like a house and a farm. It helps with creativity and role-play. With LEGO’s, they are fun and are blocks that children use to build things. The LEGO train set is a motorized train set with cargo cars, forklifts and LEGO figures. The LEGO set when built looks like a complete train that works, it teaches them how to create by following directions or use their imagination. I...

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