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Sofa Reatil Lab Analysis

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Shara Lim Dec. 7, 2013
Retail Management

The SoFA retail lab located at the 4th floor Archaeology in Powerplant mall carries brands such as: 1.) Code Limited 9.) The Daily Shirting Company 2.) Runway Dreams 10.) Charm Essentials 3.) Surco 11.) Flutter 4.) Cocotini 12.) Soffia 5.) Bianca Cordero 13.) Neon Island 6.) Soak Swimwear 14.) Abby Jocson 7.) Runway Mafia 15.) Jean and Rosz 8.) Sesa 16.) Kameleonz

The brands that were located on the older part of the retail lab had a smaller floor area as compared to the brands located at the expansion. The products also seemed to be a bit crammed since maybe there was a lot more merchandise on display. Personally, I think that the retail lab was a bit disorganized because it was located on the right and left side of Archaeology. This got me confused as to which brands was part of the showcase since the sign board featuring the brands was located on a rather unnoticeable place on the floor near the wall. Majority of the brands sold clothes for women ranging from dresses to swimwear, followed by make-up and make-up brushes, and also a number of bags, necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses. Based on the items on display, I would say that the target market of the majority would be 20-25 year old females in socio economic class B, which matches the target market of Powerplant. As for the image of the brands included in the retail lab, I think it somehow matches up with the mall, since the people that frequent the place are mostly trendy people. Since SoFa is a relatively young school, I feel that placing the retail lab in Powerplant is appropriate. Generally, I was surprised to see so many brands there, since the retail lab only occupied a small space before; but now they have also acquired the space that used to be rented by

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