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Unit 1 – AO1 – Investigate the roles and responsibilities of two contrasting public services and describe their purpose
AO2 – Investigate the internal structure and functional areas for two chosen public services

The two public services I am going to speak about are the prison service and the army. The reason is because both have a very important part of the keeping Britain safe.

The prisons vision is to provide the very best prison service as possible and to help secure the following points. * Hold prisoners securely and safely * Reduce the risk of any prisoners from re-offending * Providing safe and well-ordered establishments in which we treat prisoners humanely, decently and lawfully

To make sure the prison service actually completes their objectives they work in

* close partnership with our commissioners and others in the Criminal Justice System to achieve common objectives * Obtain best value from the resources available using research to ensure effective correctional practice * Promote diversity, equality of opportunity and combat unlawful discrimination, and * Ensure our staff have the right leadership, organisation, support and preparation to carry out their work effectively.
This is what the prison set out to achieve and how they plan to do it but there is a lot more involved in running a successful prison because a prison is a business.
The prison has it goals but the prison needs top security to complete the goals. No category A prisoner has escaped since 1995.

The reason why no prisoner has escaped in over 15 years is because of there * Physical security: walls, bars, locks or even more modern devices such as Closed Circuit Television * Security procedures – for instance accounting for prisoners or searching cells * Assessment procedures – categorising prisoners to make sure that they are kept in appropriate security conditions * Intelligence gathering.

This is how the prison maintains its excellent security, does not sound like it is doing much but physical security is always improving as technology is. The facilities will always be improving when new equipment is released, but if this all fails there is also another security device they believe in * By diverting prisoners' energy into constructive work and activity * By developing positive relationships with prisoners * By creating decent regimes and programmes for prisoners.

By keeping all the prisoners occupied by educated them, allowing them free time and gym time the prisoners have no influence to leave the prison, this will only work if the prison officers treat the prisoners with equality no matter, race or disability. If the prison officers treat the officers how they would like to get treated then the relationship between everyone will be relaxed and less arguments and riots will occur but if the prisoners do not like the officers there will be problems between them and tension within the prison.
The army has completely different roles and responsibilities to the prison service.
The British Army is actively engaged in operational duties across the globe. The work we do ranges from peacekeeping to providing humanitarian aid, from enforcing anti-terrorism measures to helping combat the international drugs trade.
The British Army are all over the world helping out with different jobs every day and in many different places, currently in Kenya The British Peace Support Team is currently there to fulfil a mission separated in three parts

* International Mine Action Training Centre (IMATC) - The IMATC is a joint British and Kenyan venture aimed at alleviating the suffering caused by landmines and Explosive Remnants of War by providing high quality Mine Action Training. * Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) * A presence in the Kenyan Defence Staff College

The Army is also provides training and training support for the Field Army in order to prepare units for operations. The unit is called The British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB).

Also the Army is part of the NATO which is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The Army are currently stationed in Germany for reasons and NATO security with agreement of the German government. The reason why we are out in Germany is because NATO forces based in Germany are well-placed to respond to events which could disrupt unity in Europe, while at the same time our presence in Germany has valuable economic and cultural benefits.

The main one is the Army out in Afghanistan, the reason is to fight against terrorism which has become over the years a very big risk and the British army is there to try and stop it. The army does not just need to stop the treat but make sure it never happens again.

While all this is going on the Army is working with the Afghan government to * tackle corruption and the drugs trade; * build up the rule of law; * promote economic development - investing in infrastructure, agricultural alternatives to growing poppy, jobs; * Improve access to education and healthcare.
The army has many roles and responsibility which people do not realise.
A prison service has a very easy and basic layout to keep everything under control. They have a segregation unit, this unit is where they take prisoners were they are not behaving themselves and need to be left alone to think about their actions. The reason is to maintain safety, order and respect for human dignity. You can get put in this unit for their own safety this would be a last resort but if a prisoner is not safe they would isolate him from everyone else, also prisoners behaviour is so disruptive it is unsafe to keep in normal location.

Housing block/accommodation this is where the prisoners would live, this is where they would sleep and each cell is next to each other by a wall blocking any contact, each room would consist of a toilet. Also connected to this building is the recreation area where all the fun happens in the prison, this is where they have pool tables, TV rooms and place for prisoners to mix and have discussions but they are always supervised.

There is a chapel for all religious prisoners, if they need spiritual guidance they can come here for some help but the officers also use this chapel if they need any guidance.

Every prisoner is allowed education and training and all of this is done in one building, they would go there to learn the basic skills need and it also provides further education to GCSE and a level standard.

There is a workshop and a gym where they can work out during their spare time because they have a lot of it and the work shop is more for building exercises like brick laying, car maintenance and sewing. This block is where all the practical activities would take place.

Visitor centre were anyone can visit prisoners during certain hours but you cannot just turn up and visit you need a card which says all your details and show that you have a valid visitor.

Every prisoner gets healthcare no matter what is wrong with a prisoner they would get treated for it also the officers would use this facility if they have any health related issues.

The British Army does not really have a structure to it. There are many training camps all around the country where initial training would start.
They would train at ITC Catterick in North Yorkshire trains all army infantry and produces some of the best infantry way.
Also AFC Harrogate is a place where it trains young people to become junior soldiers for a variety of cap badges. This is to show what army life would be like for the younger people.
ATC pirbright delivers Phase 1 Training for new recruits joining: * Army Air Corps * Royal Regiment of Artillery * Royal Corps of Signals * Royal Logistic Corps * Adjutant General's Corps * Royal Army Medical Corps * Intelligence Corps * all female adult entry soldiers
ATR Bassingbourn has excellent training, recreational and welfare facilities for soldiers and lies just to the south west of Cambridge.

ATR Winchester is based on the outskirts of Winchester in the south of England.
ATC Winchester delivers Phase 1 Training for: * The Royal Armoured Corps * The Infantry * The Royal Regiment of Artillery * The Royal Corps of Signals * Army Air Corps * The Royal Logistics Corps * Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers * The Adjutant General's Corps * The Army Medical Services * The Corps of Army Music
These are all the training camps all around England after you have completed your training you would then choose what regiment you wish to join then you would have to do probation for 4 years.

There is a rank structure within the Army which you will promote during the years of the army. The more experience you have the better chance you will have to getting promoted that is why most colonel are very experienced and old because it takes years to promote to the highest rank because it is a very important role and not everyone can become a colonel only the best can.

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