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I believe college students should not be paid for playing sports in college. It is imperative that the most important reason that they are in school is to get an education first and foremost. If we get into the business of paying students then the value of getting education will definitely be lost. The percentage of students who go onto the NFL is very slim. They most remain focused on getting an education and life after school. Many times you see students who get injured and have nothing left to fall back on.
Many student athletes are already there on scholarships so the accolades they are getting is more than enough in my opinion. Some schools even award as much as 1.5 million in athletic scholarships each year, not to mention another 12 million each year which assist students financially.
Then you have to look at the athletic programs which differ from each universities. You may have one school who receives a larger profit than another which to me is a misperception that all university athletic departments are profit machines who make millions of dollars. Schools that were not in the upward profits lost on an average 7.8 million yearly.

I think if we pay college athletes the schools would pay out so much money it may affect the education system and other programs in a negative fashion, Money may not be available for those other programs.
I really think this is a bad idea and will only cause students to get into trouble, although they are athletes they mind will be on money instead of playing the game. Let them be students there’s plenty of time to do the other stuff. They are paid with tuition. That is fine. However, at the very least, I think they should be able to collect royalties for their namesake.

For instance, if someone buys a jersey with their name on it, they should get some of the profit.

They should also be able to sell their...

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